Girls! Girls! Girls!

Mar 1, 2003
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Paramount released four DVD’s the day before Elvis’ 67th birthday. The movies were ‘Fun in Acapulco’, ‘Easy Come Easy Go’, ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ and ‘Paradise Hawaiian Style’. Yes this review looks like the ones of the other titles above, but besides the story line the title is about the only difference ... and that's cutting it close. Design The package is the same as the videos which were released a few years back. The same dull cover art. Why not use the classic movie posters, like on the second edition of movies, like 'Viva Las Vegas’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock’. It's nice to see it released in a series with the same design, but unfortunaletly it doesn't match the previous four DVD's from Paramount on our shelf. This release has the same little ammount of information on the back like the video's. Although these movies are not Elvis best movies, treated this way they will never appeal to a broader audience then the Elvis fans who can finally buy these on DVD. The back contains a special section titled ‘Special Features’, but why add that when there are no special features on the DVD … (widescreen, English subtitles, Dolby 5.1 surround, English restored mono and French mono). The menu is basic (play movie, chapters, and audio settings), but well designed. Content Although the title promises us a lot of girls, this movie is mainly about a man (yes, Elvis). The movie is released in widescreen (16:9) which is almost a basic need for DVD releases, the image quality is good. The storyline is standard for a lot of Elvis’ movies, this time we find Elvis rocking and rolling in Hawaii again. Well at least that is a reason to have the girls walking around in bikini's. The storyline: Elvis sings and fights for a 'poor' girl and gets happy. And with a little more detail: Ross Carpenter (Elvis) is captain on the 'The West Wind' which he had built together with his father. When the owner has to sell the ship, because he has to move for health-troubles, Elvis tries to buy it and gets a job as fisherman at daytime and singer at nighttime. In the bar he meets the pretty Laurel Dodge (Goodwin), which is healthy but pretends to be poor, because she wants a man that loves her and not her money. They fall in love, she buys the ship for him. He gets angry because he doesn't want to be 'bought'. She sells the ship again and they live long and happily. Conclusion Ehhh ... what can we say about this one, another Elvis DVD for the collection? Probably fun for those who like the movie to have it in good quality, and reason for us to watch it again.

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