FTD Poll - Ernst Jorgensen's Reaction

Jul 2, 2001
FTD Poll - Ernst Jorgensen's Reaction
Dear Readers It's been great reading the results of your poll, and fun comparing it to our own information. In general the releases sell roughly the same, with a few exceptions, but here is our sales chart as of June 29: 1. The Jungle Room Sessions 2. Burbank 68 3. Tucson 76 4. In A Private Moment 5. One Night In Vegas 6. Out In Hollywood 7. Long Lonely Highway 8. 6363 Sunset 9. Too Much Monkey Business 10. Easter Special 11. Dixieland Rocks It's obvious that the chart is not fair to the new releases - they will eventually catch up. However Too Much Monkey Business is somewhat behind, but a lot closer to the rest (80%) than we had ever expected. Easter Special has come off to a somewhat slower start than most, but slow starting has always been the fate of Elvis gospel material - both when the albums came out originally, but also for newer releases like Amazing Grace and Peace In The Valley. I think it's completely understandable that In A Private Moment sells better than it's rated. It's very high on rarity value, whereas playing value is significantly less. Personally I think the logic is reversed for a release like Long Lonely Highway, which I truly love. We want to thank you for all your efforts, and find it ever motivating to read your suggestions for new releases. We try our best to make the label as entertaining and varied as possible, and fully understand that some fans will find a fourletter word or two, when a new release is a soundboard from '75 instead of the Viva Las Vegas outtakes they had been hoping for. We'll get to it all - eventually. ElvisNews.com also thanks you, the reader, again for the input and Ernst Jorgensen for taking the time to give a reaction. You can still read the results of the poll.

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