From Burbank To Honolulu

Oct 25, 2004
From Burbank To Honolulu
Released by the Dutch fan club Elvis For Everyone to promote the remastered DVD sets for the “68 Comeback Special” and “Aloha From Hawaii” and the “Elvis At SUN” CD. We finally tracked down a copy. Design With images for the 1968 Comeback special you can’t go wrong, so the design looks good. Unfortunately the designer simply used a plain font over the picture for the title. Ten minutes of Photoshop could have made this cover much more attractive (and so could the use of a good printer, the image doesn’t look sharp). On the back a classic shot from the “Aloha” special surrounds the track listing. On the CD itself the Aloha theme comes back with the 'We Love Elvis" in various languages. Content The CD promotes the “’68 Comeback Special” and the “Aloha” special DVD releases. The CD starts off with the last special with spoken word from the special, radio fragments and footage from the two press conferences. The second half of the CD is filled with footage from the “’68 Comeback” special. The promotion of the “Elvis At SUN” CD is limited to a Hayride recording (October 16, 1954) of “That’s All Right”. As a promo for these releases the CD works, all the snippets make you want to put on the DVD’s, not only because of hearing Elvis and media talk about great shows we have on CD and DVD, but also because listening to releases with a lot of different material and audio snippets gets annoying. Not meant as negative as it sounds, but these kind of talking only releases are not the ones you put on to enjoy Elvis. You play it because you got it free at a convention, or because you are a completist and want all of Elvis footage or releases. The media fragments are fun, it show how Elvis was an an artist like any artist we hear on the radio right now. Conclusion A fun release to promote the new releases, but the releases were already available when the CD came out, so it came a bit late (just like this review).
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Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
I think this is a nice item to an Elvis Collection, but I only have Vol.2. Is anybody outthere who can tell me where I can get Vol. 1 ? Thanx.

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