Frankie And Johnny

May 20, 2001
Frankie And Johnny
The All Movie Guide wrote the following about the movie: Not a remake of the 1934 Helen Morgan vehicle of the same title, Frankie and Johnny stars Elvis Presley as Johnny, a Mississippi gambler, and Beverly Hillbillies regular Donna Douglas as his girl friend Frankie. In keeping with the old ballad, the romance of Frankie and Johnny is threatened by the intervention of seductress Nellie Bly (Nancy Kovack). Nellie brings Johnny luck at the gaming tables while Frankie sees red. This being an Elvis flick, Frankie only accidentally shoots Johnny, and naturally things turn out ok in the end. There's plenty of songs and very little sense in this second-string Presley vehicle, which was written by onetime Marx Brothers contributor Nat Perrin and directed by future Tonight Show helmsman Fred de Cordova. -- Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide All we can add beside that according to most other sources the movie is a remake of the 1934 film, is that mr. Erickson said it very friendly. The movie is one of the contenders in the "Worst Elvis Movie"-competition and we really don't understand why MGM chose this thingie for a DVD release, while there are more interesting ones on their shelves. But what the heck, it is an Elvis movie and you know what to expect of it (if you didn't know it already). What counts with a DVD release is the quality. The soundquality is more than fair, keeping in mind that Elvis was obviously uninterested in the songs, it is probably the best they could make of it. The image is very clear, better than the 60's movies we have so far. Still we have the idea that with a little more effort it could have been better. Still the only conclusion we can have on this DVD is that, unless you want to have it just for the collection (like we do), you'd stay away from it.

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