For LP Fans Only

By LexJan 20, 2019
For LP Fans Only

The gap filler ‘For LP Fans Only’ turned out to be a classic album, finally FTD released it in their series.


The usual concept in these series is used: original cover and back, nipper album labels behind the CDs and some extra fitting photos. The booklet is informative and decorated as always: memorabilia, material from the RCA archives and some nice photos. I wonder what the pictures of Priscilla are doing there thou.


There are no new outtakes, bummer! The original album was one of my later additions (in some reissue with the mid 60’s sleeve, since by the time I had the songs on other albums already. Anyway, the extras on the FTD version are some Sun tracks, the ‘For Radio Fans Only’ and ‘For TV Fans Only’ sections and some of the German home recording tapes.

Don’t ask me why Harbor Lights and When It Rains are showing up, but more weird choices have been made in the past. I’d rather have Tiger Man or Satisfied!

The Radio material is on the first CD, after the (Sun) bonus tracks. Overall it is listenable and at least it is good music. The same goes for the TV part (Dorsey Brothers, Milton Berle and Steve Allen shows): good music and somewhat fitting.

The home recordings aren’t in my humble opinion. It is just jumping on the bandwagon, more or less unlistenable (especially when Red West’s trousers are way too tight). If I choice to listen to that material (which I did exactly once with the previous Homerecording CDs). Besides that, it wasn’t even taped when the album was released.


It must be done, but to me it will be a cabinet filler. Maybe, just maybe the first CD will get an occasional spin.


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Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2019report abuse
Finally received my copy, Jan. 8, 2019. With the exception of "Shake, Rattle and Roll" the original released RCA version and the faulty double tracking of both Elvis and Bill Black's voices, resulting in a background hum one can discern, this FTD edition is awesome and believe it or not, there is some updated sound as to the live tracks, both radio and TV; the TV being the most spectacular! Even the outlandish informal recordings from his stint in Germany, aren't all that bad as some folks would have you believe, but I do agree I won't be listening to that segment any time soon; once is enough. The recording of the Steve Allen program is really significant. One can hear Bill Black's bass playing and the man can rock! Too bad the recording process back in the day wasn't better. A 5 star plus issue if ever there was from my point of view. The inclusion of the so called "bonus tracks" is a misnomer based upon the tracks which were selected. I can think of a better grouping than these more relevant to the overall album aka an outtake of "Shake, Rattle and Roll" for starters. In any event, a complete surprise. Buy it.
TheMemphisFan (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2019report abuse
Tracks 1-10 do indeed have excellent sound quality. Also, the tracks from the television shows have a noticeable sound improvement from the way they were on the 1998 CD set "A Golden Celebration" (which was basically just a straight transfer of the original 1984 LP set). 5 stars from me for this new FTD.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2019report abuse
The main reason I bought this CD was to get tracks 1-10 in excellent sound quality. Which in my opinion they are. The rest of what's on CD 1 and all of CD 2 is just a bonus. Some of it I will listen to from time to time. Most of CD 2 (especially the home recordings) will be skipped. Overall I give this release 3 stars.

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