Follow That Dream Has Been Great For The Fans

By Paul SweeneyApr 20, 2002
The Follow That Dream Label has given us 357 songs on 16 CD's since 1999. Just think about those numbers, pretty impressive I dare say. The fans owe this to Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon. In fact, the past 10 years with these two men in the forefront of Elvis CD releases has been fantastic overall - Elvis would have been impressed ;-) And May 1st will bring us "The Last Tours", a highly anticipated release of live songs from 1977. When FTD was initially set up I wasn't to sure how good the CD's would be, but I was determined to buy the first few releases and see what it brought, and with the announcements of each upcoming FTD release, I kept saying, "I'm going to buy that one to..." And I'm glad I have each one. So for those of you out there who bitch and moan each time FTD puts out a CD that isn't what you would have done, just think about your collection without those 16 CD's and put a sock in it. Of course there are some I like better than others, and there have been some pleasant surprises."The Jungle Room Sessions" being one. The sound quality, Elvis' voice, his humour, his speech were all not what I was expecting based on what I had read over the years - it was a welcome surprise, and a great CD to listen to (it's on as I write this). So, I'm hoping "The Last Tours" will be another pleasant surprise to my ears - and I'm sure it will be one of the most sought after FTD releases, but that's only in my opinion...
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