Follow That Dream (FTD Soundtrack)

Dec 8, 2004
Follow That Dream (FTD Soundtrack)
Out now is the soundtrack of the movie that gave the fan's collector's label its name; "Follow That Dream". Design The format for this movie re-release is exactly the same as the previous soundtrack releases on the FTD label, so nothing new here. Again we compliment Ernst and his team on the beautiful job they did on this package, especially the image on the back of the booklet and two snapshots inside, great pictures, although we doubt if one of the smaller snapshots is from this period. Elvis doesn't look as "chubby" as on the other pictures. For those few not familiar with the previous releases, this is what you get: 1) 7” format cover (like a single or EP) 2) Original back and front cover 3) 3 panel Gatefold sleeve 4) 8 page booklet with photos and memorabilia 5) Original album with original album EQ 6) Additionally all previously released outtakes (if space permits) 7) Additionally previously unreleased outtakes (if available and space permits) Content No discussion on the quality of movie sound tracks this time, that has been done too often. We'd like to say "to each his own" "and place them in the right - historic - perspective". As for our personal taste, this soundtrack rates in the top half on our personal favorite movie soundtrack list. The album, or should we say EP, isn't too slow and the theme song "Follow That Dream" is funny and upbeat enough so you keep humming it a while. The same goes for other songs from the original EP like "What A Wonderful Life" and "I'm Not The Marrying Kind". To have out-takes from these songs is a good reason to get this CD. All tracks were already available on "Keep Following That Dream". The other reason is the snippet (18 seconds) of "On Top Of Old Smokey" from which Elvis sings three lines. Conclusion One of our personal "favourite soundtracks" in the format we enjoy to collect. Getting these great packages we do wonder why not all FTD releases are released in this format. Track Listing: Masters (Mono) Follow That Dream Angel What A Wonderful Life I'm Not The Marrying Kind Sound Advice A Whistling Tune Outtakes (Stereo) Angel (takes 1,2) Follow That Dream (takes 1,2) What A Wonderful Life (takes 2,1) A Whistling Tune (takes 2,3) Angel (take 4) I'm Not The Marrying Kind (takes 2,3,4,6) Follow That Dream (take 3) Sound Advice (take 1) Angel (take 5) What A Wonderful Life (takes 3,4,5,6) Angel (take 6) Follow That Dream (take 4) Angel (take 7) Angel (vocal overdubs) A Whistling Tune (take 4, stereo master without overdub) On Top Of Old Smokey (0:18 Mono)


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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 27, 2004report abuse
Love this release. Can't have to many versions of the
title tune or "Angel", one of my all time favorites. 5 stars.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2004report abuse
RCA should have release "Follow That Dream" / "Angel" on a 45rpm Single in 1962. It would have been a double-sided Number One Hit worldwide what a missed opportunity. Infact RCA made a lot of blunder when coming to choosing songs for singles (or was it the bad ole Colonel's stupid decisions?) One example was the SUSPICION (from Pot Luck) if backed with I FEEL THAT I'VE KNOWN YOU FOREVER it would have been another Monster of a Hit Single for Elvis. And how about KING OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? COME ON EVERYBODY and many others would have made superb Singles...
MemphisFan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 19, 2004report abuse
I would love to have this FTD release as it is one that several of us have been waiting for with much interest. Sad to say that the stores at Graceland and the Crossing still do not have it available nor do they even know what I am searching for. Dare we hope the new changes will bring a few employees that might know their product? This is a fun movie and good for the whole family. July 27,1996 in Inglis Florida the section of the road that was used iin the movie was dedicated and named Follow That Dream Parkway. The bridge where Toby is fishing, land for their camp is all located on the FTD Parkway. Many locals still have great memories of the time Elvis made this movie. It's worth a second watch and now(if and when I can capture this release) we can hear more of the music that was used in this movie.
Debbie Brown
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2004report abuse
it was sad to say that follow that dream was not released as a single as it would have been a number 1 . i believe this to be one of the most underestimated songs that elvis ever sang . not one person dislikes it i believe this to be the best ever song that he sang. it is popular , up and down lyrics and a nice beat to boot and just short enough to want to lisen over and over again . yes elvis was the best ever picking great songs .

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