Fast Movin’

By Loes de VriesJun 9, 2002
Fast Movin’
This release was part of five rush releases in the first quarter of 2002. All digi packs from Teenager Records, mostly released before on CDR. All CD’s were given to me by a friend….at least, I thought he was my friend…after listening I think he sure must hate me. Design Fast Movin’ is the 4th CD I have listened to in a row now, and I truly wonder whether this is all a joke. Again there is no information about the show. The picture on the front is blurry, and on the one on the inside is as bad as a pocket camera can make. Content What are we listening to; well it’s the Midnight Show at the Las Vegas Hilton August 19th, 1975. Let’s hear what this show is all about. 2001 Theme is the opening …a lot of talking reaches my ears, but let’s not be negative at the start. See See Rider brings us Elvis… least he was out there some where, I think… Through some talking from Elvis himself, yes …he can be heard here (!), we move to Blue Suede Shoes. This version starts nice, and this time I really mean it, but half way the music is too loud to hear him correctly. Real strange Young And Beautiful follows ... even the crowd is surprised. But Elvis is fooling around again and very much into talking this show. Are You Lonesome Tonight is next and brings us an explosion of clapping from the audience. I even hear Elvis sing about “your bald head” ... but the real laughing is not happening. But then again, how can one laugh with this kind of sound quality … If You Love Me Let Me Know starts promising … maybe I get use to this kind of recordings, I wonder, but this song can be listened to. Elvis obviously used his request box this show, because through some talking, Softly As I Leave You begins …thank God the crowd is silent on this one. It’s Now Or Never follows …sorry to hear the music so loud again. Maybe on Polk Salad Annie it doesn’t matter … ah …I even hear Elvis …a kind of up tempo version, but not real bad. I do prefer other versions, but for once I can say something positive about these releases. Looking at the digi pack for track number 9 ... sorry, they skipped it …how professional this release was made! Of course we have to listen to the introductions first …and end up with Hail Hail Rock & Roll, with Elvis “off-mike”, at least that’s what I hear. Again some talking by Elvis …and even some more talking by Elvis. With a false start we get to listen to a messy version of T.R.O.U.B.L.E. I have to check my CD player on the next one, but it must be JD singing here. Again Elvis mentioned his request box, but I doubt this very much because Love Me Tender begins, which is not very strange. Elvis can’t stop talking through the song it seems. We move to All Shook Up …a very uninspired version. Love Me goes on in the same way. Then we are treated with Hound Dog, listening carefully, which is still necessary due to the sound quality, we can hear Elvis even starting Are You Sincere in the middle of Hound Dog. It must have been real hot in Vegas I think. The beautiful song My Boy reaches my ear …but sorry to hear he is changing the words again, and the choir is too loud to even hear any emotion of Elvis himself. However I doubt he had one this concert. Can’t Help Falling In Love ends this release. Conclusion After listening to 4 of the 5 rush releases, I really want to thank my friend for giving them to me, because if I had spent my own money on these CD I would cry my eyes out.
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