Fame And Fortune

May 3, 2002
Fame And Fortune
This CD is a winner! When Elvis Presley returned from the army in 1960, and re-entered the recording studio for the first time in 3 years, I'm sure he felt as if he had something to prove to his fans and most importantly, himself. Could he still do it? Could he make it back to the top after what seemed like an eternity away from the music scene? Could he go on without his most precious gift, his inspiration for continuing..."this one's for you, mom!" Well, know doubt the recording sessions went well and once again, Elvis was back on top with a voice that was different, more polished, more tamed, but even more powerful than before. We get strong performances from this latest FTD release, a real treat, and for most a rare glimpse back at the sound that turned Elvis into a well respected musician, now encompassing a much wider spectrum of fans, not just the teeny boppers of the 1950's, but now adults were going to discover the "more mature" side of Elvis Presley. The sweet ballads and the heart and soul of the Gospel recordings that Elvis had locked deep in his soul. The Treats start from the instant you put on the CD and hear the almost uncanny high fidelity of these recordings, obviously so well recorded back in 1960, that it has withstood so well to this very day. Very little, if any, tape hiss is evident and you can hear every detail in Elvis' voice as well as the studio musicians and all the banter between takes. One can only sit in amazement as you hear the strength in Elvis' voice during such cuts as "Like a Baby" and "It's Now Or Never". The sultry touch during cuts like "Stuck on You" and "Such a Night" are classic Presley! The one regret I have, and it's not FTD's fault, it's Elvis'! The shortness of what is my favorite track on the whole disc "Dirty, Dirty Feeling". This cut like a bag of potato chips, you can't eat just one! I must have played this cut 10 times before moving on to the rest of the disc, so fast, so full of energy, my favorite! The gospel is wonderful, and the finish up of the ballads are a great ending to the disc. This release ranks high in my list of FTD favorites, not just for the power of Elvis' voice during the early 60's, but also for the sonic clarity of the cuts. Maybe I just try to imagine that Elvis just recorded these songs, for they sure do sound like it. That's why the other discs in FTD's catalog fair so well. It seems that not only content, but quality, go into each and every release, making them such a treat to the collector. Thumbs up, three stars and a big hooray for FTD this time around! As usual, a damn fine release. I just can't wait for the "Spring Tours '77"...it just keeps getting better! Well, what are you waiting for, get on the phone and order this one now! Before they're all gone! Playing time: 73'11


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