Everlasting Elvis

Dec 6, 1999
Everlasting Elvis
Design The site has a plain simple but very consequent design. Cecilia uses only a picture of Elvis in his famous golden suit throughout the entire site. The color she uses reminds us of the Graceland-site before their redesign. There are not many pictures on the site, except in the photo gallery of course. Adding a few to the now mainly text-pages might make the site more attractive. Since the main content of this site is information, which means in design terms "a whole lot of letters", it might be an idea to justify the text to fill out the page, that will make it look smoother. Now the text is either aligned left or centered. Navigation throughout the site is easy, hitting one of the menu-items gives you a new page with a submenu. When following one of those links you'll have to use your browsers back-button to get back to the menu (or clicking the main-menu again). Maybe a back button on a "content"-page would be nice. A more little remark, the side resides at a small provider from somewhere far, far away. This is no problem, but the provider adds a banner to the top of the site in a non English language. This looks very peculiar on an English language site. Rating 8/10 Content The content of this site can be described as pretty standard, al whole lot of information about Elvis, his life and his work. We'd like to refer to this site as "Elvis for dummies". If you're new to Elvis there are two websites you might want to look to get the basic information on the man and his work, those sites are the Official EPE Graceland site and this site. Special to this site are the memories from Elvisfans about August 16th 1977. Always interesting to read what people were doing that day and how the sad news of his passing away hit them. There are a few persons whom death really shook the world, besides President Kennedy, Elvis is one of those persons. It's also nice to read fun facts about Elvis and his favorite recipes. Her movies and shop-pages are the same, basic information on Elvis movies as on many sites with a link to order them from Amazon. Rating: 7/10 Advice There's nothing much there van be said about this site besides the little things we mentioned above. It has a basic content, two special items, it's easy to navigate and has a consequent design. Our points of advice would be to add some pictures to the site to make it a bit more attractive, and have a look at the way the information is displayed on the pages. We're glad to award Cecilia two star site of the week award. The site hasn't been updated for quite a while but we hope this award will be an incentive to pick it up again.

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