Apr 1, 2000
At the beginning of this century a new initiative saw the light of day. ElvisFind is a website where you can search for Elvis sites on specific topics. We mentioned the website to give it a little boost and to see if the expectations would come true. We didn't review the page then, we will now. Asking ourselves the question: "did the page evolve like we hoped it would?". Design Obviously the design is based on the old look of the best-known search-engine on the net, Altavista. This causes the website to have a good, familiar, look-and-feel. The site has a fresh look using three basic colours (white, yellow and blue) consequently throughout the entire site. The same goes for the structure of the site, now it's still manual labor we read on the news page, but this site will become a database that generates html. So the lay out will become standardized. We can now remove some of the remarks we made earlier, since the webmaster paid attention. The problem is that we're done rather quickly on our 'design' part of the review. The only remark that we still like to make is the language, in our eyes a bit too popular and.this initiative deserves a more adult approach, so people will take it seriously. We understand the webmaster wants to make content first, and doesn't want to review his reviews, but it's a point for the (near) future. Rating 9/10 Content The site is a search engine for Elvis website, so the content can easily be summarized, reviews on Elvis websites and a search engine. On the search engine we can be brief, it works O.K. and nothing much can be added to that. The other part of this site, the reviews and links, make out 99 percent of the content. Links: Of course there are some good links pages already, but most of them are part of an Elvis website. So it's nice to have a dedicated site on the web. The number of links will increase due time, the possible problem is that the webmaster only reviews sites which are entered by webmasters who have to put up an Elvis Find banner. To become the ultimate Elvis Presley link site it should be the other way around, the initiative should come from the webmasters of ElvisFind. Search engine The “Won’t You Wear My TCB-ring”-webring can be searched too and that ring contain most (important) Elvis sites. But the power of this website is that it combines a search engine (for links) with a review site. Reviews There aren't that many in depth reviews available on the WWW, of course there are our (famous and sometimes notorious) reviews, but we can only review one website at a time. So it's nice to have a website which specializes on this kind of content. So far there are over sixty websites which are reviewed, so the search engine starts to have some real content. The reviews (most with a familiar structure) done look fair to us, although we don’t understand much of the rating (star) system. Maybe it is a good idea to explain that more clearly somewhere on the pages. We can’t say much about the rating anyway, because – of course – everyone has his or hers own point of view. A remark we have to make though is that the description of a site is written by the person who enters his / her site to the database and thereby puts it up for a review. Obviously the owner of a website knows his own website best, but when describing it, there will be some enthusiasm about their own site. Comparing the description and the review of ElvisFind we noticed they don't always match. It might be an idea to use a summary of the review as a description so the review and description (you see when searching the database) match. The webmaster isn't totally clear about adding all site to his database, e.g. for one site he writes "considering not placing it" but he does and gives an - in our eyes - too high score. If a site is "nothing" you should have the balls (excuse the expression) and say so, this could mean a "1" if needed. You then have the risk the site removes it's link to you, but to have an honest review site that's the choice you have to make. Rating: 8/10 Advise There isn’t too much advise for this webmaster. He seems to know what he is doing, but should sometimes have the guts to really review a site for what it's worth. Other remarks we have were made between the lines and we're pretty sure the webmaster read those. The only question we have is: "Webmaster, how does it feel to be reviewed yourself ?" We can conclude our review with some congratulations, ElvisFind will receive our three star award.

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