Jan 2, 2000
Recently this website saw the daylight and we think it really can add something to the ElvisWideWeb. Of course there are some good linkspages already, the “Won’t You Wear My TCB-ring”-webring can be searched too and there are our own review-pages. But combining these things on one site can be really valuable to the Elvis-community on the Internet. One little remark is on its place: we say can be valuable, because the webmaster is dependent of the additions by other webmasters. And we wonder how he will manage a large amount of additions. We know how much time it takes to write an in depth review… Design Obviously the design is based on the (former) look of the best-known search-engine on the Net (Altavista). This causes the website to have a good, familiar, look-and-feel. Unfortunately the webmaster isn’t always consequent in working it out. Sometimes the “shortcuts” are in the orange bar, sometimes they aren’t (or aren’t available at all). Also the name of the shortcuts isn’t used consequently (shortcuts/goto). The site is basically a searchengine, so you expect at least (a small) searchform on every page. Also the appearance of Elvis – The King and (a non existing) Elvismania in the “Quick Links” does look a kind of, well, prejudiced. Content So far there are only a few sites added to the engine, so there isn’t too much content yet. Since we like to support the idea we decided to submit our own site. Along the way of submitting we got some pretty “childish” (or is “too popular” better?) remarks, but it worked fine overall. We would change the use of language a little because this initiative deserves a more adult approach, so people will take it seriously. The reviews (with a familiar structure) done so far look fair to us, although we don’t understand much of the rating (star) system. Maybe it is a good idea to explain that somewhere on the pages. We can’t say much about the rating anyway, because – of course – everyone has his or hers own point of view. Advise There isn’t too much advise for this webmaster. He seems to know what he is doing, but should take away some little discrepancies in his design. We hope he will get a lot of additions and can handle all of them in a reasonable time. There is too little content now to really rate this site, but we’ll promise to get back regularly to watch it grow. So the webmaster will have to wait for our final verdict … we’ll be back!

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