Elvis Unlimited Credit Card CD

Feb 4, 2005
Elvis Unlimited Credit Card CD
Released by the Danish Elvis Unlimited is a credit card sized CD. Design The CD is the second shape CD from Elvis Unlimited. The previous one was an image from “Jailhouse Rock”, this one is shaped like a credit card. Although you can’t pay with it (but we will try that next time we are in the Elvis Unlimited shop in Randers), you can show you’re a member of the Danish fan club since this CD is actually your 2005 member card. Content The CD contains around 3 min. of interviews that never have been released on CD. Elvis is interviewed by two persons, and it is not a standard interview. It sounds like the persons present look at pictures and other things from the old days. Elvis sounds a bit tired, but tells some details on how he started out and on life on the road. Conclusion The “collectable” factor of this CD is not the actual interview, but the great idea behind it, having some real Elvis actually on your membership card. A great idea guys! For more details on Elvis Unlimited and the magazine use the link below.
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What is a credit card cd.

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