Elvis The Final Chapter

Mar 23, 2002
Elvis The Final Chapter
This one hour DVD release by Passport Entertainment is a Journey through the last years of Elvis' life, as told by the people who were there. Design The cover is nothing special; a slightly blurred Aloha photograph on the front, the back has a selection of pictures of the all the interviewees. Well kind of actually, they added a picture of Priscilla and the Colonel who are not in the program although they are of course mentioned. Along with an in-depth list of everyone interviewed and description of the program. The disc itself has the main logo in red and the same head shot as the cover except in black and white this time. The menu of the DVD is very basic to say the least a black and white army shot of Elvis on one side and the 16 chapters listed down the other. You have two choices, Play Movie (in this case documentary) or pick one of the 16 chapters to pick from. With so few options this DVD is very easy to navigate around, it’s basically just load and play, you can’t go wrong. Content What Happened? Why Did It Happen? Did It Have To Happen? This one hour DVD release by Passport Entertainment IS A Journey through the last years of Elvis' life, as told by the people who were there. This is an above average documentary about the last few years of Elvis' life as told by - Joe Esposito, Sheila Ryan & a host of female co-stars from the 60's movies. The most disappointing part of the program is Don Wilson and his re-enactments of Elvis' life; he is basically a bad Elvis impersonator, he claims to be an Elvis historian & friend. If he was a friend to Elvis he should have shot himself before attempting the re-enactments, most were unnecessary anyway. That said the documentary came over very well, Sheila Ryan someone who we don't often heard from came over very sincere about her times with Elvis. Advertised as having bonus film added, this turns out to be untrue as soon as you put the DVD in your player. This is what you get: A 2-minute opening sequence with comments from the main cast along with some black and white film of Elvis in the 50’s (could this be the bonus film they mention on Amazon.com?) then you are transported to the main menu page where you have two options we mentioned. Conclusion This DVD should be watched by Elvis fans that want to perhaps learn a little more about Elvis, especially towards the end of his life. As it cover the drugs etc. but in a way it shouldn't put fans off, especially the fans who don't believe he took such things, (and yes they are still out there). At the price of around $10.00 you can’t complain, so if you missed it on VH1 then you can get your own copy without breaking the bank. ElvisNews.com likes to thank David Wilson for his contribution

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