Elvis The Concert Years 1969-1977

By Loes de VriesApr 13, 2002
Elvis The Concert Years 1969-1977
Skar has written numerous articles about Elvis in magazines and newspapers and followed Elvis' career closely through the years. The first edition of this book was published in 1992 in Norway. This 1997 edition is an expanded version of the original. This beautiful hard-cover book contains 271 pages and is absolutely the bible for Elvis fans, who wants to know all about the concert years. It describes Elvis "stage-career" from 1969 until 1977 from various sources, including personal reviews of experiencing Elvis live on stage. Through a short foreword Skar walks with us from 1960 to 1969, telling us what we all know already by heart, but after this one page you really start to wonder how this writer knows so much about the years in Vegas and about our man. Really every concert has its own place in the book. Often completed with nice details, pieces of conversation and other wanna-knows. From every tour, and every one of the 1128 concerts, you can find which musicians were there, which suits Elvis wore, reviews from the press, track listings, warm-up acts, one-liners, solo numbers by other musicians and of course loads and loads of wonderful photos. More the 220 photos, mostly full colour, are in this inspiring book. More then 100 are full size: 23/28 cm. and of a stunning quality. Compared to other photo books (which this not really is, thanks to the tons of information), this is really the finest and complete overview we've ever seen about the seventies. Photos were taken by: Ed Bonja - Georg Hill - Judy Palmer - Steve Toli - Sean Shaver - Len Leech - Robert R. Heis - Yngvar Holm - Keith Alverson - Tom McAllister - Sue MacCasland - Pal Graslund - Stein Eirk Skar - John Herman - Barbara Hoster - Rick Henso - Charlotte Spence - Georgann Reynolds The last part of the book consists of an extensive collection of statistical material. It has taken the author more than 15 years to collect the information for this book. The result is a thoroughly researched book where every aspect of Elvis' concert activities is treated in an honest and serious manner.

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truelies (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 13, 2005report abuse
were can i get this book its been out for years? please help

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