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By ElvisNews.com/ LexMay 21, 2011

Elvis R8cksYesterday, on the way back from this ElvisMatters event, I realized that it is hard to come up with an original review of the event, it’s getting a kind of boring. Not because the show was boring, but their events are always perfectly organized and you get entertained from the first to the last minute.

This show was another example of it. The doors of the theatre opened more than two hours before the actual show. There was a change to have a word with Erik Lorentzen, author of the Elvis Files-series and The King Of Hawaii, that got its debut this evening. I gave the book a quick thumb and it looks very promising, I’m looking forward to it! Furthermore there was an exhibition of artwork by Ton van Herwaarde, which looked awesome. The photo exhibition Sex Icon was a bit disappointing, it brought the well-known 1956 pictures of Elvis with naked upper body in poster format.

Our friend and president of ElvisMatters, Peter Verbruggen, got a spontaneous “happy birthday” during the opening, for ElvisMatters’ 8th anniversary as well for his own birthday. Peter had a few scoops during the opening: the new format of the magazines, which will get doubled in size soon, the fact the EPE recognizes Graceland Tours (ElvisMatters’ travel agency) as “official” and recommends them. The third scoop was the new CD of the singer this evening, Bouke, which carries the title (track) For The Good Times.
Gladly Peter knows when it’s time to stop talking and announced the main band members. Glen Hardin was of course the “main attraction”, but also Paul Leim – who replaced and was recommended by Ronnie Tutt, who had to tour with Neil Diamond (so we’ll see him anyway in a couple of weeks) and Tony Smith, the guitarist who replaced James Burton in Elvis The Concert once, deserved some extra attention. A special spot was reserved for John Wilkinson’s guitar and Tony actually played it during the show.

Showtime! Just like last year Bouke didn’t disappoint us with his singing. He has his own style, but sometimes he comes pretty close to the real thing. Still he never managed to really get you with his voice like Elvis could, but Elvis is one of those lucky few who had that special spark. Still there were some very memorable moments: the beginning of Bridge Over Troubled Water with only Glen D. on piano and Bouke’s voice was really beautiful. Other performances before the break that were really outstanding were What Now My Love, For The Good Times and You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’. The last one also because of the backing vocals. Especially the female part took attention, not only because she was much better looking than the male part, but also because of her exceptional voice.

The second part was started by Peter Koelewijn, who needs no introduction to Dutch speaking fans, he was Hollands’ first real rocker and had a major hit (several times) with “Kom van dat dak af” (Get off of that roof), which he also performed yesterday, next to Blue Suede Shoes and One Night. With his experience Koelewijn knows how to get a crowd going and he did! After this intermezzo it was Bouke time again. The second part brought more up tempo work, with the showstoppers Suspicious Minds and Polk Salad Annie. The real outstanding performance in my ears was How Great Thou Art, again with a very beautiful opening by Glen and Bouke alone, a perfect filling by the background singers and a powerful second part, that (again) showed Tutt’s advice to hire Paul Leim was a very good one. What a hell of drummer that is! I cannot close this review of the show without mentioning the flute solo during Trilogy, which brought the player a standing ovation.

Finally I want to thank ElvisMatters for another wonderful event and I’m sure that the ones who’ll visit the show tonight will have a marvellous time!

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