Elvis Presley Theme Page

Jun 12, 2000
Elvis Presley Theme Page
Design The site has a clear blue / white design with a basic menu on the left for navigation. We mentioned before that it is nice to see 'round forms' on this square medium called Internet, probably this is the first site that used this type of 'decoration'. Navigation is easy, click right and see the new pages in the middle. All pages (some of them a bit long) have a back to top button. Our notorious 'back button" isn't needed since the site only goes two levels deep. The sections with a lot of content are divided over several pages to speed up loading. The graphics on the site, mainly 'screenshots' of what you can download, are of good quality and used consequently throughout the entire site. The same goes for the use of fonts on the site, all done consequently in the same style. Perhaps it's an idea to 'justify' some of the text in stead of the basic 'center' for a more consequent look of the text on all different screen sizes. The lay-out of the site resizes itself with whatever screens-size you use. This pretty difficult design looks (almost) perfect in Netscape to, which is quite remarkable. We have to bring one special page to your attention: the links-page. It is very original: a pile of CD-cases, must have been a lot of work to make! Unfortunately the mouse-over isn't used for even the smallest hint about the link, but that's content. It looks like the over all design is nearly perfect, except the tiny things above we can only sugget to put the screenshots at the top of the cells, so the top is at the same height as the top of the description. Especially with longer descriptions one might think the webmaster forgot the screenshot. Another tiny thing is that the navigation on the midi-files has something 'strange'. When pressing 'last' one isn't going to the last page of the listing, but to the previous page, while on other pages the webmaster uses 'previous' for this link. We think those tiny things aren't enough to keep us from the maximum score on design for the first time. 'Congrats!' is the only thing we can add. Rating 10/10 Content The Elvis Presley Theme Page is one of those sites that that specializes in a specific subject of Elvis material available on the world wide web: Elvis related software. Looking for information on Elvis, the man, his life or his work you won't find anything of that. The content of this site consist of all kinds of different software with a link to Elvis. The content rundown is as followed, we won't list all of it, cause it's simply "Too Much", but here's an overview of the things you can download here: about a hundred Elvis wallpapers, most of them in 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution, a dozen desktop themes, 13 screensavers, 6 sets of startup/shutdown screens for Windows 95/98. Further, there's quite a collection miscellaneous software mostly for Windows, PC game related software like patches, add-ons and about 150 midi-files, probably the largest Elvis collection on the web. Or to use the words of the webmaster on the content: 'All you need to put The King in control of your desktop'. There's nothing much else we can say about the content of this site, it's all stuff you have to download yourself if you're interested. A minor is that some links on the site are dead, but that's a problem more website with a lot of downloadable content have. Mentioned before already: the links-page doesn't include any information on the link you might be about to follow. You have to be in for this kind of content, if you are it's 'Paradise, Desktop Style', if you aren't it is 'Once Is Enough'. In our eyes it is great for the first category of people that everything (well, it must be everything!) is collected on one site. So we'll hope for them that this page will last forever. Rating: 8/10 Conclusion: This site is nicely designed and easy to navigate. As said, there's no information on this site, only software, so it's only of interest for those who want to put Elvis in control of their desktop. Again, we can only conclude that this site is a great addition to all different types of Elvis sites around. We are glad to present this webmaster our 3 Star Award!

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