Elvis Presley – Golden Vinyl Disc Edition

By ElvisNews.com / KeesOct 20, 2007
Elvis Presley – Golden Vinyl Disc Edition
Released by (probably) a Dutch fan club is a “Golden Vinyl Edition” of Elvis debut album. Does this edition add anything to the versions already available? Design This re-issue’s selling point obviously is its design. It marks the first Elvis CD to be released on a golden vinyl look–a-like CD. We already had the black version of this concept with the UK and US re-issue singles and German Spiegel re-issues of three of Elvis’ albums. The set comes as a digi-pack with a booklet (Ernst, take notice for future FTD releases, it is possible!). Since it is a re-issue of Elvis’ debut album the cover picture is the same, but it would have been nice to see the actual original cover on a re-issue. The copyright may have run out on the music in Europe, design wise legislation is probably different. The picture used for the cover has been blown up a bit too much; you see little squares, that is a pity too. A pro is the booklet with a few highlights of Elvis’ early years in a day-by-day style although the dates and events don’t match Ernst Jorgensen’s “Day By Day” dates. Strangely enough the people behind this release are not too proud about their work, they didn't add a label. Content Nothing wrong here, Elvis debut album was a strong release although I still can’t understand why they didn’t add the “Heartbreak Hotel” single. The bonus material is nice but nothing new; several out-takes, live performances and interviews. Conclusion A nice package, nothing new and hopefully an example for the Follow That Dream team to add some information to their digi-pack releases.
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