Elvis Presley As He Was Meant To Be Heard Volume 3

By ElvisNews.com/ LexJan 30, 2010
Elvis Presley As He Was Meant To Be Heard Volume 3

Usually we skip CDRs, even when they are freebies, but this release deserves to be the exception that proves the rule.


This release is not exceptional because of its design. The CD carries a very gloomy cover, in which I recognized the famous 50,000,00 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong-shot with some effort. The back of the inlay lists all tracks, with recording date and date of original release and the context it was released in (single, EP or LP). The back of the case gives next to the tracks an explanation of the why of this release. According to the producers the early remasters where done on a Friday afternoon by someone who was rather mastering Pink Floyd and the later are overdone by removing every typical 50s studio sound.


With tracks like these one can’t go wrong regarding compilation. Without any doubt Elvis 58/59 recordings belong to the best of his career. Starting with the singles, which I all love, except My Wish Came True, and even that one is more than bearable. Again, nobody can’t go wrong with songs like Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, I Got Stung and Don’t to name a few, but hey, didn’t RCA, BMG and Sony do this trick several times? Yes, they did! But never ever I’ve heard the tracks this sparkling and lively AND authentic as on this release.

The FTD version of 50,000,000 Elvis Fans is among my favourite FTDs, but for some reason – don’t ask me how they did it – the tracks on this discs sound fresher (and to my taste better) when I compare them. Add to that my favourite Elvis soundtrack – indeed King Creole – and you have one amazing compilation regarding quality of the songs and quality of the sound in this particular case. Especially the intro of New Orleans blows of your hat, wow that’s how a trumpet should sound! Still I’m not sure if it sounds better than the drum break and up-tempo part of Trouble.

The pre-58 tracks on this disc are just a nice extra to make the pleasure last longer. These tracks were added because the UK version of Gold Records, Volume 2 was different to the before mentioned album,


If you want to be amazed by how Elvis ‘58/’59 can sound this disc is a must, disregarding the fact that it is a (factory made) CDR. I think it’s a great disc to show to non fans why you are a fan!


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Sparky (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2010report abuse
Incredible. Fantastic sound across these cd's. It reminds you how good Elvis was in the 1950's. Somehow the sound on RCA/Sony releases is thin in comparison. Just one listen to Big hunk o' love will convince you! Highly recommended.
Sparky (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 22, 2010report abuse
Have just ordered this, plus the first two in the series. If I can belive what I've read on every review of these cd's, these represent the last word on remastering the 1950's sound. Can't wait to get them!

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