Elvis On Television 1956-1960

By ElvisNews.com/ LexJun 19, 2016
Elvis On Television 1956-1960

Memphis Recording Service (MRS) has a new release: Elvis On Television 1956-1960. Is it a book with 2CDs or a 2CD set with an above average booklet? There is a book promised with the same title too... so we'll have to wait.


As usual with MRS it is top notch! Great quality print, good paper, nice lay-out, good font and very important with releases like this: firm CD holders. They do not drop from the holders all the time.


The book is mainly filled with pictures, most black and white (of course), but some full colour. The text brings nothing new to us - hard core - fans, but it is pleasantly written and a nice recap. All the necessary information is available too.

The CDs are filled with the complete sound recordings (where Elvis was involved). It's great to have it all in one place. That said I have to admit I'd rather have it with super upgraded video (or even lesser quality), since a lot of the stuff is not really appealing to me when I can't see the man (and some of it isn't even then ;)). The sound quality is very good, but the sketches and interviews break up the material too much to really enjoy it as music, if you understand what I mean. Still the completeness makes it a worthy release.


It is a wonderful piece for the collection, will get a spin every now and then, but for listening pleasure I prefer other MRS releases (Live in the 50's to mention one).

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circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 28, 2016report abuse
Excellent, love it, now who owns the rights to the footage? Let's have the dvd?

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