Elvis On MGM

Feb 13, 2000
Elvis On MGM
Design The site has been around for quite a long time and has not been updated in a while. It has an easy left-right structure for menu and content. There are five menu-items, and the page with the MGM video's has an image map of a promotion flyer used some years ago when MGM re-released the video's in a new lay-out. Clicking on one of the videos you go to a page for that particular movie. These "movie pages" all have a different wallpaper, and from some we asked ourselves the question "who picked this one?!?". Navigation on the site is easy, the menu always stays in sight and the site only has three levels. When you get to the third level you'll need your browsers back button to return to where you came from. All pages are pretty small so there's not to much scrolling needed. There's nothing much more to be told about the design of this page, so we get to the rating. Rating: 6/10 Content The content of this site can be found in the main menu, video's (of course), the shrine, ask the King, Elvis Siting and Girl Happy. Two of the items are dead, under the "shrine" we found the very rare message "No merchandise is available for Elvis". The "Elvis Siting" was a contest, run quite some time ago. This leaves us with three items to explore. The Vid's: if you want to have some information about Elvis movies, the ones he made for MGM that is, you can find it here. It's not much, but it's some. On each of (MGM's) videos you get the storyline, a short story behind the story and some QuickTime movies from the film. The goal of this site is to sell videos, not to inform the fan on details, and (unfortunately) that shows. A lot of fan pages offer the kind of information this site should offer. e.g. cast, director and so on. You might expect MGM to be "close to the source" since they made all of the movies mentioned here. "Ask The King": this is a macromedia flash game where you can ask Elvis any (yes/no) question and he'll think about the answer using his "magical powers" to help you out. It's a nice game, try to ask the same question twice ... "Girl happy": the site says: "Girlll Happy, It's not just the title of an Elvis flick, it's a way of life. Elvis wouldn't be the greatest lover in movies without his leading ladies. Check out the hot looks and fashions of Elvis' ladies, Ann-Margret, Shelley Fabares, Nancy Sinatra and many others!" On some of Elvis' girls you get some information, but nothing special. Rating: 7/10 Conclusion and advice The pro of this site are the QuickTime movies which go with the videos, but you do have to take the time to download them, and the "Girl Happy" page which is an original one and has a "happy' design. We don't think MGM will change much on this site, it's probably still there from as an "old relic" from an action. Perhaps when MGM has a new action (let's hope with That's The Way It Is") they might update this URL again. This site is worth visiting when you want to see some information about Elvis' girls, download some movies or want to buy one ... but be fast, they only have four titles left.

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