Elvis Movie Database

Apr 23, 2000
Elvis Movie Database
Design The site starts with a flash animation, but this media isn't used on the main page. The design in pretty simple, two tables, yet very effective. The top table is for the logo and images from the movie you're looking at, one of the video release and one of the original movie poster. Next is the table with the actual content. Navigation on the site is easy, since the webmaster used the same structure on all pages. left a menu, right the content. Each time you select a new movie from the menu the entire page is renewed. The use of color of both the background (black and yellow) and the fonts (blue and red) is consequent, no remarks here. The only remark we have to make is the use of images, we believe they were collected around the World Wide Web, (including part of the logo) and that shows. The images have a low resolution, this makes them load fast, but on a mainly text based site some good (quality) images really add something. The design as it is now is a bit dull. Rating: 7/10 Content According to the webmaster the EMDB is a database of the 33 movies Elvis Presley made during his career. This site includes Stills, Movie Posters, details of the cast, directors and writers, a summary of the plot , Musical Soundtrack information, Movie Trivia and some goofs for fun. We have to say this describes the site pretty good, and leaves us with nothing much more left to say then it looks pretty complete. All the basic information on Elvis movies is collected here. But we also have to say "That's All Folks", since that's really it. And that is also our biggest comment on the site. The site as it is now is a good source of information on Elvis' movies, but it's too little to remain as a site. There are quite a lot of sites out there who have the same information, but also a lot more. Being a web surfer you'd like to visit the sites that offer the most information / entertainment at the same place. Rating: 7/10 Advice Our advise to the webmaster is to take this site to the next level by either adding new information or upgrade the design. To stimulate the webmaster we gladly award his our one-star site of the week award.

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