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Jan 9, 2000
In December 1999, after almost 3 years, Lex Raaphorst decided to stop his "Elvis Scores" lists, at least, the song-, album- and movie part of it. We contacted him and found out his main problem was the time it took to filter "the cheaters". Together with Lex we decided to continue the lists together together. This means together with Lex and the lists combined, so you vote for your favourite songs, album and movie in one time. Lex' software and our forms must make it easier to check the votes. We decided to ask for an email-address to register the votes. Every once in a while we'll poll the email-addresses to check if they are still existing, please ignore the messages we'll send. We hope people won't come up with fake addresses. It will only give extra Net-traffic and pollute the list for a while. We hope the new version of Elvis Scores will get as much attention as the former did. So don't hesitate, contribute now! Webmasters who want to support Elvis Scores, please use this logo and link it to http://www.elvisnews.com/standards/votelists.html.
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