Elvis in Scotland

By Erik van den BergSep 22, 2002
Elvis in Scotland
Elvis was drafted into to the Army on March 24th 1958 as Army Private 53310761. He had to go on an army tour to West Germany. Hundreds of German fans where waiting to while Elvis was came in at Bremerhaven on October 1 1958. Elvis would stay for 18 months in the little town called Bad Nauheim near his army base The Ray Barracks in Friedberg. On March 2 1960 Elvis’ army tour with the US Third Division was over. Elvis would fly back home to the United States after waving goodbye to the German fans who were waiting in the cold. Elvis would give away a special goodbye to his girlfriend Priscilla who would be his future wife. The plane was leaving fromt Rhinemain air base and would make the first stop at Ayrshire Prestwick Airport in Scotland. Elvis would stay there for a two-hour stop at the home for the 1631 USAF unit. The news that, Elvis would flying in that day, went very fast and in a short time local fans rushed to the airport to greet the King of Rock n’ roll. The most fans were in the terminal building where he was passing by. Without influence of Colonel Tom Parker Elvis was relaxing with fans and was signing autographs and even gave a short low-key press conference. Elvis was officially greeted by Commander Russell Fisher and Majors Ed Miller and Ben Bacchus who would lead Elvis during his time in Scotland. In those 2 hours Elvis was at Prestwick he even called Priscilla on the phone, who was still in Frankfurt Germany. After the two hour break in Scotland Elvis was flying to Mc. Guire Air Force base near Fort Dix in New Jersey. On 07:42 Elvis landed in a snowstorm and put his first foot back on United States ground after a 18 month visit to West Germany. The promise Elvis made to return to Europe and do a tour is one he never fulfilled. After March 2 1960 Elvis would never come outside the United States again.
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presley king (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2004report abuse
being a young 30 year old fan i was delighted to find out that my hero had in fact visited scotlad. prestwick is only an hour and a half drive from me and im elated at this news.

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