Elvis … In His Own Words

Dec 12, 2002
Elvis … In His Own Words
Released some time ago was the CD ‘Elvis … In His Own Words’. Does this talking only CD offer any extra on the previously released interview / sound bite releases? Design This CD is released by Passport Entertainment, the company which also released the now forbidden 16 hour documentary ‘The Definitive Elvis’. This release is a 2 CD set which comes in a slipcase. On the design we can be short, it is done in the same style as the DVD box. Grey with a picture of Elvis. Content Are these interviews and sound bites something to add to your collection? Well yes and no. CD1, No Most of the interviews, Arkansas, Louisiana, Canada, going into the Army and returning home, can be found on widely re-re-re-released interview CD’s. So there is nothing special here. The sound quality varies because of the many various sources. CD 2, Yes The second disc is interesting to those who do not own too many import releases. This disc contains some studio chat, usually found on out-take releases, and talking by Elvis on stage, found on many live recordings and the ‘Having Fun On Stage’ series. Not all of this ‘talking’ has been released officially before. The most interesting parts are the ‘strung out / drug’ dialogues. These were released first on the Fort Baxter import CD ‘Desert Storm’ containing the closing night concert of September 2 1974. In these dialogues Elvis sounds very agressive and puts the record straight on several matters as karate, his jewelry, his divorce, his supposed drugs abuse. He excuses himself to the audience for his ‘bad language’. Conclusion For a small price you can get some dialogues of Elvis not released officially before and not available on many releases.
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