Elvis In Hawaii

Jul 3, 2000
Elvis In Hawaii
Design The first thing we noticed is that the webmaster registered his URL (elvisinhawaii.com) and up on entering it we ended up on a Fortune-city page. A simple frame-set should do the trick to keep the URL the webmaster registered in the address-bar, but that's small talk. The site has a two-frame set-up, not in a left-right, but a top bottom design. The content in the top-frame, the menu at the bottom. Navigation is very good, when you select a menu-item you get a submenu with other detailed options to chose from and yes, there's a back button on the pages. A small remark has to be made, the menu should be centered to complement the content better. The images on the site are chosen well on this Hawaii-themed site, but the quality is not that good. The webmaster chose to use transparent gifs, a good choice regarding design, a lesser choice regarding the quality of the images (256 colours). Some images (mainly the portraits of Elvis) look frayed and that's a pity since it makes the site lose some of its attraction. In general the design matches the theme both on Hawaii and movie reference. Rating: 7/10 Content The site focuses in on Elvis and Hawaii. This means a lot of images of Elvis on Hawaii and an Hawaii styled design. There's information on Elvis' Hawaiian movies and records with general and some detailed information. The background information, the images and the trivia are the most interesting parts of the content. The information on the Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite is something which is not too often seen on "movie-sites". Rating: 7 Advice: Our advice to the webmaster ... there's not too much advice we can give him actually. One is the frame-set for the URL, another the quality of the images (must all images be gifs?) and finally try to go a bit deeper into the content. There's a lot of basic Elvis in Hawaii information on this site, so more details to make it stand out from other sites with this information. We're glad to present the webmaster our one star site of the week award for his initiative to build a site around this particular theme.

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Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2004report abuse
elvis in hawaii- 14th jan.1973. many years ago- Elvis gave a great concert in Hawaii, at the H.I.C. He was a great performer and was the first artist in pop history to achieve this status. We must keep his name alive , and keep his memory alive. Elvis wore his Eagle Jumpsuit that was made especially for this show by Bill Belew. This concert was beamed around the world via satellite , and thegrand mount of 75000 Us dollars was raised. Elvis and the colonel bought the 1st 2 tickets - too. which artist in todays music would do that. i cannot think of any. - can u.- This is one of my favorite shows that Elvis gave during his career. Long May He Reign Elvis lives4 ever
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 14, 2004report abuse
todays date- 14./- jan. 2004.- - ELVIS IN HAWAII- 14,./01/03. On this date , many years ago- Elvis performed in Hawaii-at the H.I.C.- for the Aloha concert. Like allavid elvis fans, i remember the performance that Elvis gave . It was a brilliant concert, that was shown via satellite , all around the world. Lets not forget , how Elvis Gave his great concerts on the 12./01./73 and 14./01./73. I hope that all fans , like me , remember and keep the kings name alive on this date.- Long May He Reign
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