Elvis In Germany – It Was 50 Years Ago

By ElvisNews.com/ KeesNov 29, 2008
Elvis In Germany – It Was 50 Years Ago

The White Angel label released the CD “Elvis In Germany – It Was 50 Years Ago“. Is it a gift for fans send from up above?


This release looks like a very early bootleg release; home made with a pair of scissors. O.K. I have seen far worse, but trowing a few colorized images of Elvis in his army fatigue is cutting it very short. If it was fifty years ago, an essay on fifty years of Elvis in Germany would have been nice. 



What I said about the “home made with a pair of scissors” also goes for most of the content of this CD. Lex and I may have a different opinion on many releases, but working together on ElvisNews for almost ten years now does lead to some similarities in behavior; I used the fast forward button pretty often during this release and hit “eject” pretty soon ?. If the fifty years that passed since Elvis’ arrival in Germany only brings us reworked hits from Elvis Presley on a home PC we surely have some serious questions to ask each other …
The actual untouched Elvis tracks are less than a handful of out-takes taken from other releases while the bonus tracks are by Vernon Presley and duets of Lisa Marie with her father; nothing new. The track I enjoyed most was the novelty song “By Bye Elvis” by Genee Harris as it beautifully illustrates music fifty years ago.


It was fifty years ago; the White Angel label should have left it there.


Bye Bye Elvis (Genee Harris) - Soldier Boy (Take 7) - So Glad You´re Mine (Remake) - Paralyzed (Remake) - How’s The World Treating You (Alternate Take) - Blueberry Hill (Alternate Take) - A Big Hunk O Love (Remake) - Harbor Lights (Remake) - How Do You Think I Feel (Remake) - Wooden Heart (Alternate Take) - Peace In The Valley (Take 3) - My Baby Left Me (Remake) - Pocketful Of Rainbows (Remake) - Dark Moon (Remake) – Doing The Best I Can (Remake) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Stereo Remake) -Frankfort Special (Take 8) - Kiss Me Quick (Remake) - Little Cabin On The Hill (Remake) - A Fool Such As I (Alternate Take)

Bonus Songs:
Don’t Close Your Door (Vernon Presley) - In The Ghetto (Lisa Marie & Elvis) - Don’t Cry Daddy (Lisa Marie & Elvis)


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