Elvis Greatest Sh*t

Jul 17, 2004
Elvis Greatest Sh*t
Well how to review this one … the title, the cover and the track listing don’t look very promising. We hesitated to review this release, but decided to review it as it is an “Elvis release” (which has been available before on vinyl) which is out there. Design The use of the "National Enquirer" picture of the diseased Elvis is of course totally tasteless, but if it was not for the use of that shot, the parody could have been a nice one regarding the songs on this release. We folded the booklet inside out, the white paper looks so much better! Content To put it mildly, most of the selected songs on this release rank not very high on our fan favorites song list. Strangely enough we find a few good songs like “U.S. Male”, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (with a “shit” comment from Elvis after he messes up) and “Are You Lonesome Tonight” between the crap songs. Collectors might like the outtakes on this release, but probably have these already on decent releases. The CD seems to be taken from a vinyl source (the original vinyl version?), but the quality is o.k., not that it matters with this content and since we probably won’t play this sh*tty release ever again. Conclusion A very tasteless release, for the avid collector only. Track listing Old Mac Donald - Ito Eats - There's No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car - Confidence - Yoga Is As Yoga Does - Song Of The Shrimp - US Male - The Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce - Signs Of The Zodiac - The Bullfighter Was A Lady - Wolf Call - Can't Help Falling In Love (out take) - He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad - Scratch My Back - The Walls Have Ears - Poison Ivy League - Beach Boy Blues - Dominic The Impotent Bull - Queenie Wahine's Papaya - Do The Clambake (medley) - Datin' - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (live).
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secondrichard (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2004report abuse
I see that there still are dangerous people in the Elvis world today. Thanks for turning in bootleggers, you make a lot of friends this way. Maybe it would be better for you to get 'lost in a flash'......
memphisflash (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2004report abuse
Bang Bang! If I want a question answered, I'll ask who the f**k I like, ok!
secondrichard (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2004report abuse
What a discussion on a release which is decades old. On vinyl it was called an outrage, the first CD release years ago was an outrage and now it starts all over again. Ok, I agree, it's not the mildest pic to put on a cd cover, but it exists and personally I find the idea original (which does NOT say i like it !!!). I respect all opinions which preceded mine, but some could use a bit more thought. Especially the MemphisFlash reaction by emailing EPE about these things. That's stupid to say it mildly, I sure hope you don't do that with every bootleg. Not liking a release is your right, emailing EPE about it is as wrong as can be. Ignore such releases, but never contact officials about them. If more people would do that, we could forget about bootlegs being released completely. And no, I have nothing to do with this release (or any other bootleg).
Second; the reaction by Leidy almost made me cry out loud.
"I don't know how they could call those songs his greatest sh*t, because I think the songs that are on there are great".
No, they're not Leidy !! Most of them are real shit and should have never been sung by a person who's called The King. Being a real Elvis fans also means to see the weak parts of his career (which are present in numerous ways). Saying everything is good is an insult to everybody with two working ears. Listen to the songs and be honest; 90% on this CD is almost the worst music ever put on an Elvis release (together with the PHS/Harum Scarum/Spinout and Double Trouble sessions. If you ever want to let somebody hear some Elvis songs, these session are certainly not the first picks you make. And yes, I'm an Elvis fan/collector. And I like to cover art for Greatest Shit. Shoot me !
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2004report abuse
[That should be Lenny Bruce not Lenny Brooks below. I think I conflated Albert Brooks with Lenny Bruce.]
The technique or MO of this "release" copies Albert Goldman. This is what is so disgusting about it. It is the upturned nose and disdainful sneer of the superior jazz critic dismissing this "pop" charlatan. It has that arrogant tone of the supercilious musician against the phony Elvis. In Goldman's book, he has a chapter where he decribes in detail Elvis' autopsy and throughout discredits Elvis as a musician. This is the exact same MO of this "release". At least these people could think for themselves! But no, they are mindless parrots. Just plagiarizing Goldman.
But if Elvis movies are so bad, why are they all out on DVD and why are they all playing on cable and satellite? I just saw EASY COME EASY GO on American Movie Classics yesterday. I thought it was a funny comedy, ridiculous and light fare, but that is what it was supposed to be. Pat Harrington who later played the wacky Schneider on ONE DAY AT A TIME is hilarious. I think the songs are weak overall but that is what Elvis was given to record, songs that fit the movie plot. You have to listen to the songs in the context of the film.
This kind of Golmanesque bashing is I think all a part of being famous and a "star". Everybody wants to make money off of you in one way or another. And this ghoulish predatory instinct can run amuck as we see with this "release." But hey people Elvis movies are running on cable non-stop all day around the world. All these movies are on DVD. And some ELvis films were great while others were really bad. But when you make over 30 movies in 13 years, that is bound to result. But Elvis gets the last laugh. His movies are all over the place and Turner is even showing them all day next month. What better revenge on Golman. Goldman rots while Elvis rocks. Who is laughing now. Rock on!
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2004report abuse
I think these reactions have been very productive myself. This bashing and character assassination of Elvis just shows the ambiguous and ambivalent attitude most people (even some Elvis fans) have towards Elvis. I mean what if someone put a photo on an album of Lenny Brooks lying dead in his bathroom with a needle sticking in his arm. That is how Brooks died! Or how bout putting the autopsy photo of Marilyn Monroe on a video box? How about putting the JFK autopsy photos on a parody album of the Memorial ALbum showing his skull shot away? I think this type of Elvis bashing stems from experts and critics savaging and dismissing Elvis as a clown and joke. And the easiest and cheapest way is to slam his movies. This is because the so-called experts and critics have panned his movies and assessed them as horrible. Part of the reason for an album like this is psychopathology on the part of the people who put it together. Another reason is that people have been brainwashed about Elvis' movies and soundtrack songs. These people don't understand that comedy films with children in them are supposed to have light and ridiculous songs. I don't agree with Jorgensen that Elvis' covering Chuck Berry or Simon & Garfunkel songs shows Elvis is a genius. Berry's biggest hit is a stupid song about masturbation called MY DINGALING. That has got to be the stupidest song ever released by mankind. So I don't buy this nonsense by Jorgensen. He discounts the context for Elvis movie songs. Ito Eats is a ridiculous and outrageous song but in the context it works as a hilarious funny song in the movie. Elvis was singing the songs provided to him just like he was reading the movie dialogue. If the material was bad then it was bad. But what did that have to do with Elvis? In short, I don't think this is a parody but character assassination. SHowing JFK autopsy photos on a cover of speeches by him is not a parody. Thankyathakyuhveryeeemuch!
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2004report abuse
39 reactions! Do I hear 40? ;-)
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 28, 2004report abuse
37 reactions! This release has achieved exactly what the issuers wanted which is an acidic attack on its design and content by all its victims (the fans)
Sal (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 28, 2004report abuse
I think you guys should have drawn a line in the sand with reviewing this one....the people who released 'thing' this must live on track 1 of this album
Leidy (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2004report abuse
I agree with you DannyB, I also wouldn't buy this crap and if someone gave it to me I would burn it. I wouldn't want such a cd in my house. I don't know how they could call those songs his greatest sh*t, because I think the songs that are on there are great. I love all the songs of Elvis but the one who made this cd is SICK in the head (or maybe he is brain dead) Leidy from The Netherlands
Renan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2004report abuse
All I can say is: This CD is: ridiculous, dement, sick, sh*t, disgusting, trash, insult and more bad things to say about this sh*t that they say it is a new compilation. And the photo was never taken, it´s all sh*t, and I can´t believe that there are people who believes in these stories. It´s not Elvis there. Very sad the cover art.
TCBn with TLC Bet (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2004report abuse
I agree, elvishimselvis (heard Todd Morgan call him that --is that where you got it?)...Elvis could sing anything from children's songs like Old MacDonald to opera like O Solo Mio (It's Now or Never). In fact, I love the songs he sang to children in his movies. Wonderful, delightful, stuff ! There's a saying not to appear in the same scene with a child or a dog or an actor would be upstaged, but not in Elvis' case; in fact, it showed how loving a guy he was towards kids and animals, making him even more lovable himself !
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2004report abuse
For someone to make a front cd cover like this, he is obviously not a fan... if he were it would have been something else.. The cd is Elvis worst songs.. although big fans like me even like those songs. I actually have the cd.. but I got it because I like the songs.
TCBn with TLC Bet (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2004report abuse
Ah, now here we have it...the sheer morbidity of it all...how obsessed some people are with the decline of someone of whom they are obviously jealous. Those people should ask themselves what they have done in their lifetime, as pacer suggested. Take the first forty-two years, comparatively speaking. Compare yours to those of the man you blame for his death and weight problem, "both things caused by Elvis himself." How do your own achievements rack up?
DannyB (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 24, 2004report abuse
Hmm, I actually like Poison Ivy League and Beach Boy Blues.. Besides it's true what Mark S wrote. It is a shitty parody of the laim releases by RCA in the '80s. But it's strange that this is being released on CD, cause no fan want to buy it - and who, except for the fans, will ever know this release exist?
Chris C (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 24, 2004report abuse
We see the instruction "Report Abuse" on each message. Doesn't this whole CD topic and concept amount to abuse of Elvis? Why is this material still up on this site?
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 24, 2004report abuse
Has Lex heard the king singing Walk a mile in my shoes ? I am sure we would all find that very differcult to do. Elvis was very ill thats why he did not look good at the end. No true fan of the king will buy this crap anyway
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2004report abuse
Is that the same Lex who, on another message board, referred to Elvis as lazy, afraid to face confrontation, and is no more than a pile of bones anyway? I fail to see how you can admire someone and denigrate their memory almost within the same breath. Weird!
memphisflash (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 22, 2004report abuse
No-one is denying Elvis wasn't in the best of health at the end of his life. That does not give every cold hearted low life the right to take pot shots at him. Not all publicity is good publicity.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 22, 2004report abuse
I am only sure that the producers have a good laugh now. Because of all the reactions the CD has a lot of extra attention. And how painful it may be... Elvis is dead, and you couldn't call him slim at the end of his life... both things caused by Elvis himself.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 22, 2004report abuse
Well said king of western Bop. Why cant us Elvis fans stand up for the king ? He sure cant do it for himself can he ? The title of this crap is a disgrace and to put dead fat person is even worse. I dont think any of the kings songs are sh-t. Elvis when he sang an average song he made it sound good and when he sang a good song he made it sound great.
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 22, 2004report abuse
Why should we lighten up? The picture of Elvis in his coffin may be fake but I doubt if the makers of this album knew that. As an Elvis fan I do not find this or the "fat dead person" caption funny. What Elvis fan would? Bad taste is bad taste. Whenever we defend the man's memory we always get someone who tells us to lighten up. Making fun of someone's death is not something I find funny - be it Elvis' or anyone else. How would you feel if it was, say, a deceased member of your family being made fun of in this way? He does have surviving relatives you know! Still, I suppose you could always tell them to "lighten up".
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 22, 2004report abuse
Actually, first time I saw this release (about 18 years ago??) I thought it was funny as hell! It gives a good parody on what it going on at the time. RCA was repackaging the same material over and over again and the fans we’re all buying them! That’s why the cover of this album reads “50,000,000 Elvis fans can be wrong”.
The label is called “Dog Vomit” and is a parody of the RCA / His Masters Voice logo. The ads for other Dog Vomit Elvis albums "The Shower Sessions" "Dead on Stage in Las Vegas," and the ever-popular "Vocal Duets" featuring the King singing with Dick Nixon are very funny (remember RCA-ads “for your Elvis collection: Elvis sings for children & grown-ups too!”?). And to answer your question: no I do NOT own this album on CD or otherwise. Lighten up, people…
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 21, 2004report abuse
Aside from the fact that this is really character assasination and libel in the form of a "release", what is troubling here is the assumption by the people who put this "release" together. The premise is that somehow there is a dichotomy between the GREAT Elvis music and the BAD Elvis music. I think the Elvis "experts" like Jorgensen are responsible for this to some extent. The "experts" dismiss Elvis as a musician who couldn't play guitar but just used it as a prop, could not write songs, etc. Also, the "experts" created this nonsense that ELvis had GREAT songs and BAD songs in his movies. But this is a fallacy. Elvis was just performing musical soundtrack scores, nothing more, nothing less. I think Elvis did a fantasttic job with the material which shows his genius. I mean everyone knows for example that there are NO songs of any value on Kissin' Cousins except the title song. In Clambake, only Eddy Arnold's song "You Don't Know Me" is really any good. But Elvis does a GREAT job with the poor songs material provided. It is funny, witty, ridiculous material but it is supposed to fit in a campy comedy movie. It is supposed to be that way. But you can always find crappy filler songs in any musical film. In the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour there is the throwaway instrumental "Flying" and "Your Mother SHould Know". In Help there is "Another Girl", etc. There are weak songs on those soundtracks. This is because to fill up a soundtrack, you need a bunch of songs that are not always the best.
The people who put this "release" together don't understand this point I am trying to make. They ahve been reading all the "experts" on Elvis and think they are so cute and clever. In fact, they show their supercial understanding of music and of Elvis. Elvis could sing the telephone book and go no.1 in every country on the planet. Who cared what he sang? That was part of his genius. Elvis could sing even the worst songs and make them interesting. I just pity the sheer ignorance of these people. They are so ignorant. I pity them.
memphisflash (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 21, 2004report abuse
I have been informed that it is a BMG/RCA matter, as they own the rights to his music. I am assured that they know of this bootleg re-release, but my e-mail has been passed on just in case. Get e-mailing BMG/RCA and let them know we want something done about this!!
jb gude (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
I would be happy if elvisnews pulled this CD review, if not the cover & title.. (not the photo of Elvis' which I think is sometime from the early 60's around "Follow that dream" shooting...and not circa 77): If anyone is trying to make money of garbage title like this(no matter what the contents) he should be left to wallow in the good old brick house.
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
The article starts off by saying "Well how to review this one..." The answer is simple - DON'T! The idiots who came up with this crap have shot themselves in the foot anyway. Any self respecting Elvis fan won't buy it, and neither will anyone who isn't interested in Elvis. So who is it aimed at? No doubt at those of similar intelligence to the morons who produced it!!
gary (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
I have to agree with ibegofyou.I really thought this site had more class than to review a piece of crap like this.
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
This is pretty disgusting and in bad taste. But it is obviously by a "fan" because who else knows Elvis' bad songs so well! I don't. So someone took meticulous care and research to dig up these songs. Obviously it is someone that knows Elvis movies real well, too well. So it is one of these self-loathing, self-hating Elvis "fans". They are also trying to be clever and cute...as well as morbid and disgusting at the same time. This really has nothing to do with music or ELvis but with some sort of pychological pathology. I mean, putting that photo on an album cover. That is psychopathic. The person or persons behind this project have serious psychological problems and issues. This is really an issue of psychopathology, and not music or releases, etc. This belongs on a medical or psychological diseases site. It just shows you what can go psychologically wrong in music and fans because I am certain this person is a "fan". I guess it really eats up the people who put out this garbage that Elvis went no. 1 with THAT'S ALL RIGHT and also went gold with it and that the new 68 Comeback/Aloha DVDs are going no. 1 and multi-platinum around the globe. Yeah, Elvis is getting the last laugh. Just like that Albert Goldman guy. Goldman too said Elvis would not last long and would disappear. But it was Goldman who disappeared. Not Elvis. Elvis is bigger now than he ever was. So who is a "dead fat person", Goldman or Elvis? Elvis gets the last laugh on these sickos and psychos. Ha ha ha!
memphisflash (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
Fake or not, the implications are still sickening!!! I have e-mailed EPE to ask why this release is going unchallenged.
Megdog (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
A guy called Stuart Wilk who worked at the NE as sub-editor has admitted the picture was a fake
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
CD King et al This is/was not a genuine photo.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
The photo is real and was taken by one of Elvis' cousin secretly on that fateful day. What pisses me off on this CD is the Caption on its cover: "...FAT DEAD PERSON" What an Insult and Disrespect shown to someone who's passed away. This Cd itself is a piece of crap SH*T and so are those who produced it. I am a die-hard Collector but I will definately NOT be buying this bull sh*t and it is my hope that nobody buys it either.
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
I was first told it was a fake by Marty Lacker which was confirmed by Red West. All the stories about a 'cousin' or later thought to be one of the Stanleys selling it for $50K are hearsay. If you look at the picture there is no way this is Elvis in 1977, nothwithstanding whatever the effects of death and the subsequent happenings at an autopsy. If you read the book 'Death of Elvis' which goes in to graphic detail of the autopsy, then it is clear that thjis can not be a photograph of Elvis post mortem.
A close friend, a professional photographer, informs me that this ia a 'montage' and not a photograph, apparently meaning it's a superimposed image, something to do with the dimensional image and the shading being different between Elvis and the rest of the picture.
Carol K. (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
Harmston, Who ever told you the Enquirer picture of Elvis in the coffin was a "mock up?" I never heard that, in fact, Larry Geller told me personally that Elvis's cousin did take his picture that day. So how could have been proven to be fake??? Please let me know. Carol K.
cassie (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
I am saddened ,to think that just a week ago, i was overjoyed to watch the new 68'Comeback Special,and the Aloha Deluxe. seeing and hearing the beautiful Elvis in all his glory, it did the soul good, and now to be met with this outrageous garbage. it just goes to show that at the end of the day it is all about money ,isn`t it. I`m a true Elvis fan, there is nobody, absolutley no one that compares to him, so please Elvis News no more of this trash on this site.
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
This has been around years in one form or another. Besides the picture is NOT Elvis in his coffin -the National Enquirer photograph was a 'mock-up' and not a real one. Originally although said to have been taken by an unnamed cousin, it was long ago proved a fake. The actaul Elvis picture is from circa 1960 I would guess imposed on a background....
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
Do the idiots who put this garbage together actually think it's funny? Laugh?? I thought I'd never start (and I didn't). Talk about pathetic!
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
This CD is absolutley disgusting and sick!! To show Elvis dead on the cover....well...words fail me!! Anyone who buys this release is SICK!!
Kenneth (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
I believe ELVIS NEWS has too much class to put this kind of garbage on it's site, so there must be a reason for doing it. it would be very interesting to know what it is.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
They've got to be out of their blinking mind to include Are You Lonesome Tonight and Can't Help Falling In Love. These are Gems and not sh*t. The producer of this stupid album -they themself are full of SH*T. The Cover art is a real insult to Elvis The King. - As an ardent Elvis CD Collector and even as a Completist - this is one CD that I will NOT collect. I hope nobody will buy this sh*t.
Sandi1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 17, 2004report abuse
This is outrageous and demented to have a cover of this type. I would refuse to buy it even if the songs were good.
Only a sick person would do something so degrading.
ibegofyou (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 17, 2004report abuse
While this web site does not tolerate abuse, I believe that showing this excuse of a cd is abuse in itself. This should be removed immediatly ! I can't believe this was even allowed to be posted. Very poor taste. The creators of the cd are not Elvis supporters as evidenced by the 'fat dead person' caption. I thought this sight had more class!
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 17, 2004report abuse
A total insult to the king. They can stick this crap up there .... I wont be buying it !
memphisflash (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 17, 2004report abuse
How sick is this!! OK, the film songs aren't Elvis' best work, granted, but this cover is an outrage. I hope to god one day contact to the here after is proven, then Elvis can sue the pants off these slanderers.

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