Elvis Gold Records Volumes 1 – 4 CD / DVD

Jan 29, 2006
Elvis Gold Records Volumes 1 – 4 CD / DVD
Released in Russia is the Elvis’ Gold Records” series volumes 1 to 4. As a bonus each CD comes with DVD featuring clips from Elvis movies. Are these a worthy upgrade of the BMG editions we already have? Design The design appears to be very good. Four compilations, presented in old fashioned mini double LP sleeves (3 panels) with a small – 2 pages – booklet. The booklets contain either pictures or lyrics and are not too interesting. The front of the booklets should have been the same as the front of the album though. The minor of the design is mainly that the details were messed up. Not all typography is done the same so it is pretty inconsequent. Song information is partly with authors and partly without, the chaptering is messed up and the bad choice of colors makes it hard to read everything. Content The idea of a CD/ DVD combination is a nice one these days. A lot of record buyers want more than just a silver disk, they can get that from the internet or friends. A release with bonus material, footage and a great looking package for a good price will find his way to fans and other buyers. The ideas of these bootleg producers are better developed than their production skills. They made smaller and bigger errors on all possible facets of this production. They compiled nice compilations, all CDs are over 20 tracks, but messed up the track listing on the cover, the sequence on the CD follows the original RCA / BMG release for the original tracks, but producers decided to add a different track listing to the cover. From BMG we bought five volumes in this series, so we still miss one edition to complete the series as we have them. But their errors can be heard too. “Shake Rattle And Roll” begins near the end of the song only lasts 10 seconds, “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” isn’t complete either, there we miss the end. These two titles are one track on the CD, that isn’t right either. Besides some bad cutting, the remastering isn’t done very well too; you can hear the different sources they used for the compilation. As for the DVDs, with a matching animated menu, but on the first DVD the audio and movie footage are not running synchronically. Since we don’t want to watch a bad lip-syncing Elvis we turned it off. Getting back to the content, looking at these clips Elvis appeared to have an uncontrollable urge to start singing at unexpected moments; for strangers, friends, lovers, children, and old folk and even animals. So if BMG were ever to do a project like this, be very selective which clips you want to show. Too many clips of Elvis singing his songs can only be enjoyed as part of the movie they belong to (and even there we have our doubts about a lot of them). And finally for the discs themselves; we hear a lot of noise and rambling from our CD and DVD players, so something must be wrong with the discs. Conclusion So what do we have a here? A nice idea, a bad production … This really isn't "from Russia with love". Hopefully BMG can one work out a strategy to release these kind CD/ DVD compilations (perhaps on the Follow That Dream label?). Track listing: Elvis Presley Golden Records Volume 1 CD: 1 hound dog 2 loving you 3 all shock up 4 heartbreak hotel 5 jailhouse rock 6 love me 7 too much 8 don't be cruel 9 that's when your heartaches begin 10 (let me be your) teddy bear 11 love me tender 12 treat me nice 13 anyway you want me (that's how i will be) 14 i want you, i need you, i love you 15 just because 16 good rocking tonight 17 trying to get you 18 money honey 19 blue suede shoes 20 i was the one DVD (53 Minutes): From "Love Me Tender": 21 love me tender 22 we're gonna move 23 let me 24 poor boy From "Loving You": 25 got a lot of living to do 26 let's have a party 27 let's have a party 28 lonesome cowboy 29 hot dog 30 mean woman blues 31 teddy bear 32 loving you 33 got a lot of living to do From "Jailhouse Rock": 34 jailhouse rock 35 young and beautiful 36 i want to be free 37 don't leave me now 38 treat me nice 39 baby, i don't care From "King Creole": 40 crawfish 41 lover doll 42 trouble 43 dixieland rock 44 young dreams 45 new orleans 46 king people 47 as long as i have you Elvis Presley Golden Records Volume 2 CD: 1 i need your love tonight 2 don't 3 wear my ring around your neck 4 my wish came true 5 i got stung 6 one night 7 a big hunk o' love 8 i beg of you 9 (now and then there's) a fool such as i 10 doncha think it's time 11 shake, rattle and roll (take 8) 12 my baby left me 13 just because 14 mystery train 15 i got a woman 16 i'm counting on you 17 blue suede shoes 18 so glad you're mine 19 i'm gonna sit right down and cry (over you) 20 tutti frutti DVD (47 Minutes): From "G.I. Blues": 21 g.i. blues 22 doin' the best i can 23 Frankfurt special 24 shoppin' around 25 tonight all right for love 26 wooden heart 27 pocketful of rainbows 28 big boots 29 didja' ever From "Follow That Dream: 30 i'm not the marrying kind 31 sound advice 32 follow the dream 33 angel From "Girls! Girls! Girls!": 34 girls! girls! girls! 35 i don't wanna be tied 36 we'll be together 37 earth boy 38 return to sender 39 because of love 40 thanks to the rolling sea 41 song of the shrimp 42 the walls have ears 43 we're coming is loaded 44 girls! girls! girls! Elvis Presley Golden Records Volume 3 CD : 1 it's now or never 2 stuck on you 3 fame and fortune 4 i gotta know 5 surrender 6 i feel so bad 7 are you lonesome tonight? 8 (marie's the name) his latest flame 9 little sister 10 good luck charm 11 anything that's part of you 12 she's not you 13 suspicion 14 starting today 15 finders keepers, losers weepers 16 i'm yours 17 put the blame on me 18 for the million and the last time 19 night rider 20 never forget 21 gonna get black home somehow 22 fountain of love DVD (56 Minutes): From "Blue Hawaii": 23 almost true 24 aloha oe 25 no more 26 can't help falling in love 27 rock-a-hula baby 28 moonlight swim 29 ku-u-i-po 30 slicin' sand 31 hawaiian sunset 32 beach boy blues 33 hawaiian wedding song From "Wild In The Country": 34 i slipped, i stumbled, i feel 35 in my way From "Fun In Acapulco": 36 vino, dinero y amor 37 i thing 38 mexico 39 el tora 40 marguerita 41 the bullfighter was a lady 42 (there's) no room in rumba in a sports car 43 bossa nova, baby 44 you can't say no in acapulco 45 guadalajara From "Roustabout": 46 poison ivy league 47 it's a wonderful world 48 it's carnival time 49 one track heart 50 it's carnival time 51 hard knocks 52 little egypt 53 big love, big heartache 54 there's a brand new day on the horizon Elvis Presley Golden Records Volume 4 CD: 1 love letters 2 witchcraft 3 it hurts me 4 what'd i say 5 please don't drag that string around 6 indescribably blue 7 you're the devil in disguise 8 lonely man 9 a mess of blues 10 ask me 11 ain't that loving you baby 12 just tell her jim said hello 13 i'll remember you (original unedited master) 14 too much monkey business 15 you don't know me 16 come what may (take 7) 17 blue river 18 fools fall in love 19 tomorrow is a long time 20 us male 21 mine 22 memphis tennessee 23 suppose DVD (63 Minutes) From "Harum Scarum": 1 my desert serenade 2 go east young man 3 mirage 4 kismet 5 shake the tambourine 6 hey little girl 7 so close, yet so far (from paradise) 8 harem holiday From "Easy Come, Easy Go": 9 easy come, easy go 10 the love machine 11 yoga is a yoga does 12 sing you children 13 i'll take love From "Paradise Hawaiian Style": 14 queenie wahine's papaya 15 scratch my back 16 drums of island 17 datin' 18 house of sand 19 stop where you are 20 this is my heaven 21 drums of the islands 22 stop, look and listen From "Spinout": 23 adam and evil 24 all that i am 25 never say yes 2
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Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 30, 2006report abuse
I also enjoyed watching these DVDs. OK, there are some errors, but my discs are clean and don´t make any noise while playing them. In my opinion, great stuff!! And indeed, fantastic menus!!
Buddy Holly (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 30, 2006report abuse
I like the menu on the discs very much. The editing is okay too and the video quality is the same as the movie DVD's (unlike the the bootleg On The Screen). So it's not all bad. My vol. 1. has a lot of dirt on the discs which I can't remove. I wonder how long these discs will play. They're not expensive though.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 29, 2006report abuse
I´m sending my 4 cd´s back, since there are too many errors! Russian roulette....

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