Elvis En Bourgogne

Jan 23, 2000
Elvis En Bourgogne
Reviewing this weeks site was quite hard for us. We understand pictures, but the language ? French we think (but we're not sure). Serious ... we had quite a difficult time this week since French isn't our first language and not even our second. But this site has quite a lot to offer to the average (French) Elvisfan. Design It's good we always start with the design so we can write about the pictures first. We have to ... since we don't understand the words. One of things we noticed first up on entering the site (at a 1024 x 768 resolution) was that our screen wasn't big enough. The reason ... the webmaster uses a Macintosh computer with different standard screen-resolutions. The top- and bottompicture have a 1030 pixels width while the Internetstandard would be 800 or max 1024 as a standard. These pictures are used consequently on every page, so they're all too big. Too bad the webmaster states the site is optimized for 1024 and he uses bigger graphics. The site is mainly textbased and build with tables so it loads pretty fast. The navigation on the site is close to perfect. There are clear (sub)menu's and you can decent four levels without getting lost since there are always links back to where you came from. The submenus have an explanation, so you know what you're getting (into). About the only two (other) negative remarks we can make about the design is that the textbased lay-out could use some pictures to make it more lively. A lot of the pictures that are used are of poor quality and this is made worse by enlarging them on the site. This is really a shame since the images are well chosen and not seen on a lot of other websites. Rating 9/10 Content Well, the hard part of the review, for us that is. We can't understand everything the webmaster shares with us, but we can tell you it's quite a lot. We sometimes list the content of websites we review, but here we don't even start. O.K. a short listing of interesting items so you get an idea of what you might find visiting this site: songs (grouped together in film, gospel and so on) and the albums on which to find them, listings of concert dates per year with date, place, times, audience numbers and the suits worn by Elvis, translated interviews with Elvis and his band (members) and other documents. We could go on, but we don't, just have a look yourself. There aren't too many remarks we can make about the content either other tan that it's a shame the website is in French only, so not too many visitors can read / understand it. Some information is a bit outdated, for example, a list of possible recorded songs by Elvis dating from 1981. It would be nice to keep track of the songs released till now. Rating 8/10 Our conclusion for this website is very simple, it's a damned shame it's in French only. This site really deserves to be translated in English so all Elvisfans can enjoy it. We understand this webmaster uses his own language, certainly because not many French speak English. But there must be someone available in this world to translate it for the rest of the world, again the site deserves it! Any volunteers? We're glad to award Christophe our Three Star Award. He really deserves it and we hope he'll take the time to put an English version of this site online.

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