Elvis Club Berlin

May 21, 2000
Elvis Club Berlin
Design The site has a very consequently used design, it looks a bit "old-fashioned", but since it's done in an "Elvis-style" it fits. The set-up is done in four frames, two for the logo's, one for the menu and one for the content of course. Navigation is very easy, just a click on the menu, some items have a sub-menu with an option to go back to the homepage. The images used on this site are of good quality, except those which are taken from the internet to go with the news they use. A remark we have to make is the length of the menu, there are simply too many items. Perhaps it's an idea to use more sub-menu's, like on the "anzeige" page. The use of an image at the bottom of a too long menu isn't that smart in our eyes, but that's just an opinion. A pro of the menu-page is that the most important items have a date when they were last updated. Rating: 8/10 Content The content of the page is basic for a fan club, but there are some special items here. "Elvis In (D)" about Elvis' years in Germany and "Elvis Im Auto". Big pro of this site is that they have a lot of news, both on Elvis and CD's. If they're not too sure about something, they use their "rumours" page. Often a lot of nice items can be found here, but unfortunately only available in the German language. The long menu we mentioned before, doesn't mean there is really a lot of content. Content of interest for a lot of visitors that is. German Elvis fans looking for information about The King in his or her own language will find what they're looking for. But for the rest of the world there's nothing new there (if they can read it), but of course this is a problem for a lot of "local" fan clubs. Maybe the page would get even more valuable when (more) opinions (about books, CD's and so on) are given. A very up to date thingie on this site is a "WAP"-page, which is available for mobile telephones, but we were not able to test that one (ours were too old). As far as we know this is the only Elvis site which uses this technology. Rating: 8/10 Advise Concluding we can say that it is a pity that most German fan club sites are German only in general, while some great fan pages proves (a lot of?) German people do speak English. A page like "Elvis in (D)" is interesting for fans worldwide and should be available in English we believe. Perhaps this review on an English page and our two-star-site of the week award can be the start ....

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