Elvis By The Presleys

Jun 12, 2005
Elvis By The Presleys
This time the book of this series will get a closer look. The CD already had its turn and the DVD will follow soon. Design The book is printed on high quality paper, which honours the sometimes great photographs in it. The lay-out of the text is good, which makes the text very readable. Overall the book makes a very good first impression and might attract occasional buyers because of that. But the set-up of the book is not new, it look familiar. We first saw the close ups of Elvis' personal items against a white background in the release "Now And Then". It will do well as a coffee table book. Content Most hard-core fans were looking forward to the book because of the pictures. Well, there are some great ones, but not many unknown ones. Unfortunately less than we hoped for. A lot of pictures do fit better in the Graceland guide, but alas… Graceland was Elvis’ castle, so somehow it fits. The contents of the book will disappoint some people, since nothing really new is revealed. We think that’s okay, since some things are what they are – just personal. Lisa’s stories are sometimes touching, and at least interesting to read. What some people are doing in the book will be a question forever, since they don’t fit in the title of the book. Even for Priscilla that is questionable, since she was divorced and used her maiden name before remembering the name Presley could bring some extra income. That’s exactly why one can have his or her doubts about her honesty too, but at least what she says sounds openly and realisticly, especially about Elvis’ drugs abuse. And she does deserve credit for making Graceland what it is today. Overall the text gives a good read and there is not too much factual nonsense (although there are some, well, let’s say mix-ups in facts). Conclusion The book is attractive, with less rare pictures than we hoped for and giving not much more insight, but a pleasant read. It’s not a must have, but it fits well in any collection, better than a lot of other books on our man.

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Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 16, 2005report abuse
The EPE bought 30.000 mostly unreleased photos from Parker shortly before he died. And now I have this book showing the most sucked out damn old pix I have seen so often before. Shame on you EPE. May the 30.000 pix rotten in your archives. Four hours of blablabla on DVD with very few new stories, a colorful mix max sampler CD and a book showing Lisa's pencils in full-page size. That's what you need to make a buck out of fans that lack criticism in any form. Believe it or not: I have several pictures used in the book in better quality than they used.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2005report abuse
I don't have this book yet. I may buy it later. I've always been much more into the music than all other things Elvis. Thing about this book is it's aimed more at the general public than the hardcore fan. You know, the newbie who may just have had his/her first real exposure to Elvis through the special and wants to learn more. They'll probably enjoy this book alot because unlike hardcores they don't already have almost everything. If you're a newbie and you can find this book at discounted price, buy it!!

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