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Oct 23, 2000
Paul Dowling of WorldWideElvis is considering to make a CD, in co-operation with BMG, which contains "rare" CD-tracks. Of course we support this idea, which will make more tracks available for the fans. You can email Paul with your suggestion(s). Paul is thinking about releasing a one or two CD set containing songs that are popular amongst fans but that are hard to find now on CD or that might be on box sets that are just too expensive to buy for one or two cuts. Paul asks the fans to pick the songs ("live" and studio). There are some things that can and can't be used: 1) All songs must be either on BMG CD's currently in print or out of print in the U.S. (only!!!) 2) Forget about anything that was on vinyl, 8 track, or cassette (like the EP Collection material; Rare Elvis; Argentina, Brazil, English releases that had "unreleased" songs!). Paul knows there are things still not on CD but these would have to be digitally mastered and BMG wouldn't do it for this CD! I've tried!! 3) Forget about anything on CD's from other countries outside the U.S. This won't work!! 4) Don't even bother to suggest completely UNRELEASED outtakes, soundboard material, etc. whether it be "live" or studio. Paul tried this for years! It's a great dream but it won't fly!! Pick those songs that fans might like to hear! Paul suggests doing two sections (studio and "live"!). A good example is the laughing version of "Are You Lonesome. It was available readily in England, Germany, etc. but in the U.S. it really wasn't! It's that kind of obscure song that Paul is looking for but he doesn't necessarily want really obscure songs like "Yoga Is as Yoga Does". The purpose of doing this CD is to have a lot of the most overlooked Elvis songs together on one (or two) CD(s) and also to sell many, many copies!
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lovius (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2003report abuse
To Paul Dowling: The "Edge of Reality" is a very good song that is hard to find. It would make a good track on an Elvis CD. Bernard Lovius

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