By Dan Siciliano, Las VegasJun 13, 2002
...I can't believe that it's been open all this time and I have never been there! Living in Las Vegas for over 15 years, starting a family and busy working, you just don't find the time, but today I decided I was going to the Elvis-A-RamA museum, and I was taking my 4 year old daughter, Nicole, with me! Well, we drove from the foot hills of Henderson all the way to the famous Las Vegas strip, (just kidding, it's only a twenty minute drive), and there it was. As we got out of the car, the huge letter that spelled out "Elvis-A-Rama" with the guitar sticking out the top was very exciting. Upon entering the museum, we were treated to a very warm welcome from the employees and, besides Graceland, this was the biggest Elvis gift shop i have ever been in. Very nice things, from mugs to t-shirts, DVD's to CD's, books and poster galore, key chains, magnets and even Elvis sunglasses! The lady behind the counter noticed my daughter and me and walked around to say hello and gave her some of those plastic bubbly things you pack stuff with so she could make that "popping" sound! We each got a T-shirt, Nicole's (my daughter) was a cute powder blue young Elvis, and mine was a great shot of Elvis and the Hilton hotel logo! You actually enter the museum thru the "Graceland Gates" into a black lite room with Elvis' name spelled out in all different languages, like the "aloha" album cover. You then hear Elvis talk in his own words about all the hip swiveling and shaking, then a short intro by the museums owner, and it's on the the exhibits. We walked thru the museum, which has the largest collection of Elvis' belongings next to Graceland. Jumpsuits, karate outfits, two cars and a boat, rings and army gear, all the movie posters and great very rare pictures of Elvis all over the place. Then we went inside the "showroom" to see "Elvis" himself, a very well done impersonation indeed by Rick Virga. As the lights dimmed and "he" walked on stage, I glanced over at my daughter and saw her staring with her mouth wide open at what she thought was the "real Elvis". After a few songs, he came from the stage to take pictures and talk with the crowd. A very nice touch. We walked around the gift shop some more, and it's a good thing I have will power or i might have spent $500 instead of $50. As we left the museum, the nice lady was outside and said goodbye to us, letting us know that on Monday's and Tuesday's, the "young" Elvis impersonator was performing and the kids all love him. My daughter left the museum excited and saying she thought Elvis was "cool"! So I think I will return again and again to the Elvis-A-Rama museum, since it has something for everyone, from the curious to the biggest fan, it's like having a bit of Elvis Presley Boulevard right here in Las Vegas. So if you are a visitor to Las Vegas or a local like me, the Elvis-A-Rama museum is a great place to spend and afternoon, with warm and friendly Employees and a fascinating glimpse into the crazy, wonderful world of ELVIS PRESLEY......but that's just my opinion! Dan Siciliano, Las Vegas Visit Elvis-A-Rama online at www.elvisarama.com
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