Elvis (2005 Edition)

Jan 9, 2005
Elvis (2005 Edition)
Just out is the remastered second album by Elvis Presley, simply titled “Elvis”, 49 years after the original release we have a “new” version. Design This CD is a re-release in a better sound quality, so there are no changes to the design of this release. The same goes for the re-releases “Elvis Presley” and the “Loving You” soundtrack. They could have changed the “cheap looking” inside of the booklet. The yellow color and small print in a standard font could have been done more stylish so that the liner notes can be read more easily. They should have kept the side of the release white too, now part of the picture from the back is used on the side. This way the title doesn't fit into the series on the shelve. Content The most important news about this update is of course the audio quality. We can be short about that, it is very good. Just as with other DSD remastered CD’s Kevan Budd did a good job on these releases, the recordings sound very fresh, although we must say we have difficulty. If BMG keeps this up we will have Elvis’ complete, although slimmed down, catalogue in the best possible audio quality. On this album Elvis showed he was an innovator, his interpretations of songs written and preformed by other showed that he was the new kid on the block, showing others the way to a new style and a new kind of music. The album track “Long Tall Sally” from Little Richard and his hit single “Hound Dog” (added as a bonus track) perfectly show this. The additional bonus tracks are the same as on the previous (re)release of this album. The producers put the tracks back in the original order and dividing the original and bonus songs. The addition of the singles Elvis released around the time he recorded and released this album paint the complete picture of his work at the end of 1956. The addition of the bonus tracks put the strange strategy of The Colonel and BMG from 1956 straight. These songs belong together. The casual fans recognizes more hits, the avid fan gets the album in its original order with the additional songs at the end. The CD leaves room for additional songs, with the third re-release of this album, the addition of some bonus tracks to fill the CD completely would be a nice gesture to the fan who buys this album once more. Conclusion Just like the re-release of “Elvis Presley” this re-release keeps Elvis’ catalogue up to date with today’s audio standards for the casual buyer. The fan has to decide for him or herself if the copy of Elvis’ second album they already own (several times) needs replacement again. But the most important conclusion, this music, almost 50 years old, hasn’t lost any of its originality and power.


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Sandman (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2010report abuse
The definitive rock album. Superior in every way.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 16, 2005report abuse
That's your loss, Mr. Nodak. These will in fact come up cheap eventually (personally $11.99 US is fine by me) and are worth it to replace the now-inferior '99 versions. The sound is much better and the correct-running order is a big plus. No new-fangled love-song compilation will ever replace original, classic albums like this. Bravo to RCA/ BMG !
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2005report abuse
i will only buy these albums when they come up cheap a couple of months later in the stores . not worth the price . well i am a retiree . remember this album well when it came out . elvis voice at his 2nd best here it was the 60's esp early years that he was at his best . dig the shirt and it is a unusual photo sleeve took up all the LP .
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 9, 2005report abuse
I bought the 1999 upgrades of "Elvis"; "Elvis Presley" and
"Loving You". They're good enough for me. I'm not investing any more money in upgrades unless the album is one that I play alot. None of these qualify.

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