El Goes El Paso

Jan 15, 2005
El Goes El Paso
Recently the Audionics label released a soundboard recording of Elvis’ gig in El Paso on June 2nd, 1976. Here is our verdict. Design Regarding the material Audionics had to work with, the cover art looks okay. Elvis didn’t look at his best that summer, and it shows (too) often in the booklet. We were terrified with a picture that would do well in an “ugliest Elvis picture ever”-contest upon opening the CD, but that shock effect made us milder on the remaining of the booklet. The only comment we can have is that it seems to be a bit pale on some pages. The liner notes are a nice read, informative, honest and mainly true (we have our doubts about Al Dvorin being the announcer). The explanation on the audio quality is a good addition, and gladly the made the decisions they made… not altering the sound with strange remixing, effects and such. Content Well, what can we say? It is a 1976 show, and not from the final tour of the year. That should be enough for most fans. We can add that it is certainly not belonging to the worst half of 1976-shows. Elvis is in a good mood, but not spoiling every song with trying to be funny and his voice is above par (for post 1975). The highlights are “Help Me” and (of course) “Hurt” (including full reprise), but overall it is more of the same. As said above, the sound is not altered with mixing, but as is, including some feedback problems and nearly complete (the cassette was turned during the piano solo). Elvis, JD Sumner and James Burton are up front, which gives the sound a somewhat “unbalanced feeling”, but it is very listenable. Conclusion A must of course for the “completists” among us, but we wonder if a casual buyer would really be happy with this one. Tracks: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Theme) - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. All Shook Up - 08. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel (medley) -09. Help Me - 10. Fever - 11. Jailhouse Rock - 12. And I Love You So - 13. Polk Salad Annie - 14. Band Introductions - 15. Early Mornin' Rain - 16. What'd I Say - 17. Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 18. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 19. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 20. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) - 21. Love Letters - 22. School Day (Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll) - 23. Hurt #1 - 24. Hurt #2 - 25. Hound Dog - 26. Funny How Time Sips Away 27. Can't Help Falling In Love - 28. Closing Vamp/Announcements.
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dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 26, 2005report abuse
live not interested .
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 19, 2005report abuse
I can´t wait to get this Cd! It fits in the other release we get in a few weeks. I love it allready! TCB.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 19, 2005report abuse
I bought this one also. Not impressed by Elvis' performance. He is going through the motions...just another show. Compare it with for example "Hot Summernight In Dallas" and you know what I mean. No surprises at all, allthough I can understand "sideburns" that he is excited, because he was there ! Proves again that an Elvis show was not always exciting because of his singing, but just because the man was there in person to see ! I will not play this one too often. one more for the collection !
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2005report abuse
I just received this CD and it's 'pwetty good!' nice liner packaging(although i spotted some photo's from Lubbock 31.5.76 and Atlanta June 76 as well and some photo's are NOT too flaterring of Elvis, however - at least they are different. The sound (apart from a bit of a glitch at the beginning) is complete and good(apart from the end of piano solo and the start of Electric piano solo being incomplete) El goes through the show singing well and in good spirits(marked by genuine laughs now and again) whilst it's an 'above avaerage show from 1976' and also pretty 'standard' with no suprises i cannot imagine anyone upset or hating this show it's all previously unreleased and for Elvis collectors a delight to listen too.Another true winner from 'Audionics'; label. well done O/M
sideburns (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2005report abuse
I was there at the Civic Center that night. As I remember, the place was packed. There was excitement in the air. Linda Thompson came out and was sitting at the end of the stage (I was able to take a decient picture) after entermission. Then the lights went down "2001" started then drums and ELvis took the stage and the place went crazy. Now I get to hear it again, GREAT!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2005report abuse
Wonderful -terrific! Soundboard Recordings is always fine with me, more please!

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