Dallas Seventyfive - Uncensored

Nov 20, 2001
Dallas Seventyfive - Uncensored
BMG (RCA) already released the most of this June 6, 1975 (and June 7, 1975) show in the "Silver Box" and the Dutch fan club (It's Elvis Time) release "Live in Dallas". Did we really need this new release by "LoneStar" of what is available of this shows? Design The coverart isn't too special. On the front some action pictures of Elvis on stage in 1975, one of them not too flattering according to some people. For some reason the producers did a mixture of 50's and 60's pictures on the inside of the inlay, not really fitting. At the back of the inlay are some close-ups of E's jewelry. As with most imports the CD only gives the titles (forgetting "Burning Love"), without additional information. Content RCA did use a pair of scissors to compile the release(s) of this concert we mentioned before. They took some stuff of other shows to give the impression of a "complete" concert. They also left out "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" and "Why Me Lord?" from the Dallas show. According to LoneStar since the first was "too hot" and the second "too funny". We couldn't find anything too hot in "T-R-O-U-B-L-E", probably RCA left this version out since Elvis did miss a couple of lines and wasn't too serious (I spell Big D-A-L-L-A-S). "Elvis Aron Presley" (Silver Box) was a major release in the early 80's so it is understandable RCA wanted to give the public a more serious version. The big text 'Uncensored" on the cover is too exaggerated for the versions we expected. The sound quality is good, even better than the RCA-release of this show. But LoneStar did some cutting themselves, and not too well. "Burning Love" is announced, starts, is cut off and announced again in exactly the same way before starting again. This all within the CD-track of "The Wonder of You", as said before the song isn't mentioned in the tracklisting either, very annoying. Still we wonder if it is enough to spend your money on. Okay, there are two lighthearted "new" versions of songs, but an irritating mistake as with "Burning Love" spoils everything. So we can only conclude we didn't really need this release.

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