Crazy – The Funny Side Of Elvis

Feb 3, 2003
Crazy – The Funny Side Of Elvis
We already had a review of this CD by someone that was involved in the project, and now it is time to give our own verdict. Design The cover art of the digi-pack is nice, although the front seems to be a bit out of balance regarding contrast, it looks a little pale. Inside several more shots from Laurens van Houten are used to promote the book “Caught In A Trap”. Great shots, but with a CD like this, that covers such a big part of Elvis’ career, one might expect the same diversity in pictures as in content. Still it is a pretty attractive package to look at. Content We know the set up of these talking albums by now. Surely it is funny at times, but halfway the 77+ minutes of the CD we had to suppress the need to hit the stop button. During the “Foolin’ Around With Kathy Westmoreland” we gave up, and jumped to track 18, beforehand one of the most interesting tracks, since it contains snippets of the Memphis 1974 show, including a false start of ‘Help Me’. We will listen to the remainder of the CD, that spans a very long period of time (1956-1977), at a later time or when we look for Elvis opinion on a specific matter. It is always good to hear the opinion of Elvis from the man himself. Overall the sound quality of the CD is good, and the known stuff is often better than on other "talking" CD’s we have. Conclusion A nice cabinet filler, which will be played (partly) every now and then. In our opinion the main title does not only describe the majority of the content, but also the price of the CD, which is ridiculous at € 25.
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