Concert Anthology 1954- 1956

Oct 17, 2005
Concert Anthology 1954- 1956
Another month, another Hayride compilation … this 2 CD set has a bonus section, does it make the set worth while? Design This 2 CD set comes in a good looking package. A leather look 2 panel digipack with Elvis name and image imprinted in gold. You can’t go wrong there. The booklet is well designed, informative and features good images of Elvis, unfortunately most on stamp-format. Content The first disk contains the standard Hayride archive recordings. It starts off a bit different than the usual compilation with an advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes, probably trying to recapture the sound of the original radiobroadcast. Audio wise they managed to sound antique … but this material isn’t available in another quality, so that can’t be really fixed. The second disc contain Elvis voice with instrumental overdubs from former members of the Stray Cats (Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker) and Swing Cats (Danny B. Harvey). Unlike the Tomato records release from a few years ago they did not try to fill the faults in the recording aiming to recreate the original sound completely, these guys used their own recognizable rockabilly sound. The strange thing is that this rockabilly sound doesn’t match with the then rockabilly artist Elvis Presley. Part of the problem is that the music to well produced for the squeaky sounding voice of our man, taken from a vintage acetate (according to the liner notes). The difference in the audio is simply too much to be enjoyable. But also the typical fast up-tempo wall of sound these guys produce is too much for the songs. These tracks should be played with a plain and simple backing, or are we too familiar with the Elvis sound we know by heart? Conclusion The bonus disc that could have made this well designed package more interesting failed its purpose. The looks alone can’t rescue this release of old material. Disc 1: 1. Intro 2. That's Alright Mama 3. Blue Moon Of kentucky 4. Heart Of Stone 5. That's Alright Mama 6. Tweedle Dee 7. Money, Honey 8. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 9. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 10. That's Alright Mama 11. Good Rockin' Tonight 12. I Got A Woman 13. Tweedle Dee 14. I'm Ledt You're Right, She's Gone 15. Baby, Let's Play House 16. Maybellene 17. That's Alright Mama 18. I Was The One 19. Love Me Tender 20. Hound Dog 21. Outro Disc 2: 1. That's Alright, Mama 2. Baby Let's Play House 3. Good Rockin Tonight 4. Maybellene 5. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 6. Tweedle Dee Second disc contains Elvis recordings overdubbed by Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom (both Stray Cats) and others.

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