Comeback Special Chinese Deluxe Edition

Dec 5, 2004
Comeback Special Chinese Deluxe Edition
Released in China is the second variation on the Deluxe Edition “Comeback Special” DVD Set. Design This release from China is, after the special long box edition in the US, the second variation on the Deluxe Edition “Comeback Special” DVD set. This is the first one for which the cover art was actually changed. Under the “ELVIS” logo there are several images of our man from various segments of the special. The Chinese characters make it extra interesting for Western fans. Inside the box there are several announcements for different artists. The Standard edition of the DVD set has three almost identical discs, making it hard to select the correct one. The three discs in the Chinese version all have a different photo printed on them linked to the footage on that disc. Content In contrary to the different look of the box, the content is the same, so we can be brief here, just read our previous review of this definitive release of the “Comeback Special”. This will be the last version of the set we’ll buy, or EPE must come up with a definitive definitive version on which they correct the one mistake on this release, the omission of “It Hurts Me" in the bordello scene. Conclusion A nice addition to your collection, if only for the looks, but nothing new regarding content if you already have the “worldwide” version of this set.
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sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
Anyone know where i can get this oriental version? cant use the chinese Amazon, its all in double dutch! Why couldent BMG europe have printed Elvis on the discs? the slackers !

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