Collectors Record Close Up Give-A-Way Promo

Jun 28, 2003
Collectors Record Close Up Give-A-Way Promo
For the release of the “Close Up” box Rare Collector Records from the Netherlands released a special promotion CD. Design The CD comes is a slipcase with a picture of Elvis showing the details of the shop. A smart choice for a promotional CD. The back contains a color back stage picture of Elvis. Content The CD not only promotes the Elvis shop, but also two releases from Collector Records, “The Day The Music Died” volumes 1 and 2. These releases contain radio broadcasts and other material from August 16 1977, the day Elvis died. Pieces of history which are great to hear. Besides reactions from Bing Crosby and Chuck Berry on Elvis death we get a 1972 press conference, “On Tour” dialogue and several one-liners. Conclusion A nice CD for those who ordered their “Close Up” box from Collector Records. It is a chance to listen to historical recordings. But otherwise more of a cabinet filler like most talking albums.

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