Jan 27, 2002
The box carries the same picture as the original movie soundtrack and the DVD itself is just dark blue, with the movie title written in the same style as on the box. Special features are as usual not very special. Extra language (Spanish), subtitles in French and Spanish, the original trailer and a menu to choose the chapters. When viewing the content the first thing you'll notice is that the picture quality is pretty sharp. Too bad, since you can see all the dust, scratches and other distortions too well now. Especially during the beginning of "Confidence" the image is terrible, but who wants to watch that part anyway? In other words, the video that was released just a couple of years ago had a better quality. "Clambake" isn't one of Elvis' better movies, to say it friendly. Immortal songs like "Confidence", "Who Needs Money" and "Hey, Hey, Hey" don't make make much hearts beat faster. Even songs that could have been something do not turn out very well. Obviously Elvis wasn't happy with "You Don't Know Me", and indeed the studio version he recorded later is much, much better, but he didn't make the effort to do better versions of e.g. "A House That Has Everything", which has a catchy tune, and "The Girl I Never Loved". For those that really wants to know where the movie is about: Scott (Elvis), a rich guy, who does want to be judged on his qualities instead of his money, switches places with poor ski-instructor Tom. Scott falls in love with a poor girl, who is looking for a rich guy. He helps her to catch one, when she does, she changes her mind. In between the scenes Scott wins a boatrace, the girl wants to marry him and faints when she finds out he is a rich guy too.

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Musicmaker1 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
I love this film also and think it is quite underated, until i actually saw the film i had heard negative things about it, but at the end of the day it is a matter of personal taste... give it a try and see what you think.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2004report abuse
I cannot understand some 'elvis fans' in this crazy world?-they moan and complain about "everthing"-good or bad!;i think this dvd is excellant to have!!,i got the vhs video and always wanted it on dvd format ever since i first started collecting "dvd movies" and was real happy when i seen it for sale on dvd format,i think it is 'better' on dvd as you can play it through your home cinema kit and it sounds much better than the "vhs video" release.I also think it's a "good" movie(maybe not his best)as i love the story about elvis trading places with someone who is 'poor' so he can find 'love' with a woman who loves him for 'who he is as a person',not just for his money!;and it's a very funny and enjoyable film too!!-'bill bixby' is excellant on screen with elvis and he really gets on with elvis and has a great time with elvis in the movie..elvis had a good 'flair' for comedy and this film shows it..A 10/10.

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