Breathing Out Fire

Jun 16, 2000
Breathing Out Fire
The design of this import CD is amazing compared to what we normally get from both BMG and others. It has a very tasteful colour-setting, while on all but two pictures Elvis is at least wearing the suit, the Dragonsuit, he actually wore during this particular show. The other two are probably from the same tour. The inlay gives us an interesting read, describing Elvis' circumstances and this show. The attentive reader will recognize the name of the writer from earlier (great) reviews. The most important of this release is, of course, the silver disc itself. Only the back is silver (gladly), the front is orange, which disappears quickly after closing the player. Before going to the real content we have to mention this soundboard-release is somewhere in between regarding quality. There are better sounding CD's but also a lot that sound less. Overall you can say it is more than fair, clear sound, it is only a pity that near the end (Blue Christmas) the quality is changing. Probably a sound-technician decided to play a little with the board. On October 6, 1974 Elvis played Dayton twice. The matinee-show (released on A Profile, Volume 2) showed us already that Elvis was in much better shape than the week before, when he was hardly able to stand on his two legs. Listening to this show you'll find out Elvis was really having a good time himself. The ending of 'Fever' really shows that, and also all jokes he made during the show sound 'real'. Elvis delivers a great version of 'Big Boss Man', is teasing JD Sumner (as usual) during 'Why Me Lord?'. By the way, the backgroundsingers sound marvelous on 'Why Me'. Probably James Burton wasn't able to hold his guitar after 'Johnny B.', because it must really have been hot. It's a pity Elvis dropped 'Promised Land' and 'It's Midnight' from the matinee-show, but we got 'The Wonder of You' and a great refreshing version of 'That's All Right' instead.

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