Beltway To Largo

By Loes de VriesMay 20, 2002
Beltway To Largo
This release was part of five rush releases in the first quarter of 2002. All digi packs from Teenager Records, mostly released before on CDR. Design What a great surprise……an other so called “new” release. On which CDR did I hear this show before? Matinee Show June 27th 1976 ... Let’s look at the CD itself first. They really couldn’t find a better picture of Elvis??? And why is the picture on the inside the same as on the back? It makes me wonder whether this CD was made by a true fan. Even I could have come up with a nicer lay out. The pictures are so blurry and give us an Elvis who doesn’t look good at all. What bothers me most is the total lack of information on the CD. I like to read a bit about the show while listening to it. Content Back to the music. “2001 Theme” begins……is this really happening??? I hear a crowd and far far away some base sound….. “CC Rider” makes me wonder where this CD was recorded? Outside the building perhaps? The sound is thin and poorly, Elvis is sure far away on this one. “I Got A Woman/ Amen” , at least Elvis’ voice can be heard here. To really enjoy us the volume isn’t steady and falls away now and then. “Love Me” Treat me mean and cruel ... well sorry Elvis, they did on this release. They sure did you wrong here. “If You Love Me Let Me Know” even the band is playing emotionless here. “You Gave Me A Mountain” a real favourite of mine…..always guilty of some tears…..the sound is a little better, or is it just me hoping for some improvement? At least Elvis is singing with his heart here and not fooling around. But still I rather hear this song in good quality. “All Shook Up” really stirs up the audience even more … so at home we hear even less of the king. A bit boring version if I may say so. “Teddy Bear/ Don’t Be Cruel” goes on in the same disappointing way. "Love Me Tender”, hearing the crowd go crazy, I can imagine Elvis making his “round” of kissing the girls on the front seats. Lovely of course to watch, but to listen to it is not my free choice. “Jailhouse Rock” is a real swinging and rocking song, but due to the bad noise all you want to do is pray for the end. “Fever” a real sexy song which I love very much, but again the shouting spoils everything. “America The Beautiful” not even gets the audience to shut up. Elvis really loves this song and sings it seriously, that is … on the moments you actually can hear him. “Blue Suede Shoes” wow … how glad I am for all ready knowing the lyrics. There is a small cap on the cd before getting to the intros, well known to us all. “Early Morning Rain” is played rapidly, sorry to hear it in this way, because the song can be played beautifully. “What’d I Say/ Johnny B. Goode” gave us some guitar playing, nothing special though. Again some “Intros” , and then moving towards “Love Letters/ Hail! Hail! Rock’n’ Roll”. Elvis is really trying on “Love Letters”, but the sound quality is terrible! Unlike the track listing wants us to believe there is still a small intro before “Hail Hail Rock ’n ’Roll”. “Hurt-Reprise” is done with full reprise … what might be fun to experience at the concert itself, but annoying on this CD ... it takes longer to the end this way! “Help Me” Lord help me make it through the concert……“Hound Dog” blahblahblah……at least that’s what Elvis sings here….like he knew we couldn’t hear him good enough on this release. “Funny How Time Slips Away” on itself a good version. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” really makes the crowd go wild … Can I have an other version please? The “Closing Vamp” makes an end to this release, and I feel only sorrow about the money I have spent buying this one. Conclusion First we had the tapes, vinyl, (homemade) CDR, minidisk and now these CD’s ... Even using a Dolby surround system trying to improve the sound of our music at home didn’t work … why oh why should anyone with a sound mind gonna listen to this noise … Even my worst vinyl sounds better. Keep your money in your pocket and wait for something worth to spend it. This release is far below the belt, just making money by some “producers” or should we say thieves? So another one for the “wanna-have-them-all”concert collectors Playing time: 69'29/ Sound quality: 4/ Content 4/ Cover art: 4
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