Bad Nature

By LexMar 25, 2010
Bad Nature

Another novel with Elvis in it, this time by by the Spanish top author Javier Marias. Is it worth reading?

What can I say about a novel of about 100 pages without giving away the clue? The story has a bit of a slow start - the author uses 10% of the book to explain who the main character (a translator) is and that Elvis was actually in Mexico for the filming of Fun In Acapulco. After this introduction the pace of the story gets much more speed. The translator, a native Spanish guy, is hired to help Elvis to pronounce Spanish correctly. Why that didn't really work out and why the official canals say Elvis never was in Mexico is told in the remainder of the story. As said, it is a fast story, well researched, and sometimes pretty humorous. The biggest minus for us, the fans, is that Elvis is only passively present.


It was a fun read, but not as intriguing as let's say Daniel Klein's novels, where Elvis really starred.

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