At The Dome

Dec 13, 2001
At The Dome
The review of this CD is very short as you see. But it could have been even shorter, we could almost get away with "this CD shouldn't have been released". If you want to know why, read on ... Design This package has a very plain design, nine times the same small picture of Elvis on the front with the title and one big picture of Elvis on the back of the booklet and back of the CD. No text in the booklet with background information on the concert. On the CD itself it says (c) 1995... Content The source used by King Crown Records for this CD is a very poor audience recording. It surely would do well in the worst sounding CD ever category even beating most releases in the "Live Archive"-series. What makes this recording interesting is the fact that this is the first non Las Vegas concert since 1961. So it is more or less an historic event. Elvis played in the huge Astrodome twice on March 1st 1970. A total of 207,494 fans attend the concerts in Houston (6). This CD is the first "CD" release with recordings from these concerts. The concert itself is great, as far as one can determine. The show has a standard set for this period, somewhere in between the raw 1969 shows and the more polished August 1970 ones. The last track on the tracklisting isn't by Elvis or the band, it sound like a tape being played in the venue. To hear it you have to listen to over 5 minutes of applause for ten second of 'Love Me Tender". Conclusion: It's a recording of an historic concert that makes it interesting for the fan, but due to the poor quality of the audio you have to be a very big fan to listen to it.

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