April 14 1972 Greensboro

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April 14 1972 Greensboro

Victrola just released April 14 1972 Greensboro containing the well-known Greensboro show (On Tour). As a bonus there’s a CD filled with other material from the movie: rehearsals and some tracks from Hampton Roads (April 9).


The design is very tasteful, black and white with a kind of purple glow over it.  The inside has some (technical) information and behind the CDs are full colour photos of the actual show and an rehearsal (known close up with TCB glasses). There’s another live shot with some tickets from the show and at the back is the track listing.

The booklet has mainly full colour shots from the show and some candids from the rehearsals, there is also an excerpt from an original review and some more memorabilia. The liner notes describe shortly what can be found on the CDs and an overview what is supposed to exist on 60 reels.

A little minor is the bashing of other labels (one in particular), a quality product like this does not need that.


Some people already have made up their mind and say it’s an altered version of the Madison release of the same show. I really doubt that, if it is possible to enhance sound like this on a PC, I can put in some requests. The difference between the Madison release and this one is not as big as the step forward Madison made from the Vicky release, but still. Just played some of the tracks back to back and this one certainly comes close to (if not equals) RCA / BMG / Sony releases of live material. Especially the blending of the voices with Charlie is nice, like on Never Been To Spain or Proud Mary.

The 2nd CD gives a varied overview of the rehearsals, with a bit too much JD Sumner gospel for me (I’m an Elvis fan, not a JD Sumner fan) and some more live tracks. Again all in superb quality, during the rehearsals you’ll hear voices that you never noticed before. There’s also some more banter during the rehearsals, even compared to the Amigo release. The Hampton Roads material sounds great too, but somehow the This Is Elvis overdub of Trilogy sounds like ‘the strange duck in the bite’.


A must for completists and those that want the best possible sound quality. If you don’t belong to the first group, have the Madison release and are happy with it, you can stick to that….  If you have the slightest doubt, go for it!


CD 1

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
2. CC Rider
3. Proud Mary
4. Never Been To Spain
5. You Gave Me A Mountain
6. Until It’s Tim For You To Go
7. Polk Salad Annie
8. Love Me
9. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
10. Hound Dog
11. Heart Break Hotel
12. A Big Hunk O’ Love
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water
14. Suspicious Minds
15. Love Me tender
16. Introductions
17. For The Good Times
18. An American Trilogy
19. Burning Love
20. Release Me
21. Funny How Times Slips Away
22. Can’t Help Falling In Love

CD 2

01. Johnny B. Goode (Takes 1 - 3)
02. Always On My Mind (Rehearsal, with extra dialogue)
03. Separate Ways #1 (With Extra Dialogue - Raw outtake)
04. Separate Ways #2 (With Extra Dialogue)
05. Time Has Made A Change In Me (J.D Sumner & The Stamps Quartet)
06. I Should Have Been Crucified (J.D Sumner & The Stamps Quartet)
07. I John
08. Bosom Of Abraham - You Better Run
09. Lead Me, Guide Me
10. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Nearer My God To Thee
11. Sweet Sweet Spirit (By J.D Sumner & The Stamps - Rehearsal)
12. When It's My Time (By Bill Baize & The Stamps)
13. All Shook Up (April 9, 1972)
14. Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel (April 9, 1972)
15. Are You Lonesome Tonight (April 9, 1972) 
16. I Can't Stop Loving You (April 9, 1972)
17. How Great Thou Art (April 9, 1972)
18. For The Good Times (April 9, 1972)
19. An American Trilogy (April 9, 1972 - This Is Elvis Overdub)
20. The Lighthouse (One-liner) - Hound Dog (April 5, 1972 - Rehearsal)
21. Bridge Over Troubled Water (April 5, 1972 - Rehearsal)
22. Funny How Time Slips Away (April 5, 1972 - Unedited)

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eric c (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2018report abuse
I also have the triangle release...which was very good.
eric c (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2018report abuse
I have the Vicky release...and the Madison as well...which to me is the ultimate in my opinion.
They will do just fine for me until FTD does something.
As for the concert itself...I think it stands as one of his GREATEST concerts he ever gave...no weak-spots,excellent vocals...solid set-list.
His version of Bridge on this night was his best...LOVE Burning Love...the 1st LIVE performance...and Trilogy brought down the house.
This concert is a MUST HAVE.
atomic powered poste (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2018report abuse
Yes it is Stereo, but the madison and all the following released where too. Bridge was also in Stereo in the releases that followed the madison cd.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2018report abuse
I hope not to make any enemies here, but I like the Victrola release. To my ears, it is in stereo. The Amiga release is mono with sound peaks that cause distortions and clipping. I think Victrola is lying about having the actual master tapes. That's total bull. You can tell on Bridge that they used the movie soundtrack. At least Madison was honest about that. I guess overall, Victrola improved the Madison release, but not all that much.
atomic powered poste (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2018report abuse
You can hear that they didn't have a new source when you compare the actual mix (not the new, amateurish "mastering"). The instruments and voi es are placed exactly like on the madison cd. The source for that release was (obviously) a rough mix, most likely copied feom a simple cassette. That doesn't sound perfect, but pretty good for a bootleg. Like i wrote before, read the madison into a simole audio program and press "brighter stereo" (or what ever that is in english) and you get the exact same sound as in this cd. It sounds unnatural, simply not good. What really pisses me of is, that they say they got a new source, no one should buy this crap, not only because they where lying, also because this sounds awful. The older CDs sounds much much better and more natural.
Bob Finkel (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2018report abuse
I am also like others here not convinced with the new Victrola CD. The sound is unnatural and not well balanced. The concert sounds a bit strange now. Do the Victrola guys really have a new source? I have my doubts.
NorwayElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2018report abuse
Victrola label hasnt released any good releases in the past and this doesnt change that.
Only good thing about this is the cover and the nice booklet .
atomic powered poste (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2018report abuse
Try it out, read the madison cd into a audio-program and press "brighter sterwoe" (i doht know what it's callesd in english, sorry) and you get the exact same result as can be heard on this cd. And that sounds terrible, unnatural blown up. Amateurish.
atomic powered poste (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2018report abuse
The people who released this should be ashamed, they are deceiver and liars. They didn't have a new source, they copied the madison cd and put some pure effects from a cheap sound-program on it. It's ok to rerelease the material, but ruining it and trying to get money from (probably, i don't know you guys out there (-; ) isn't acceptable. I think no one should support this crap. There are more than enough other releases of this concerts available out there if you don't own it now.
KINGE (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2018report abuse
I`m more in the "whats the point" department.....
Madison cd was good regarding the show but the best is the Rock Legend release and this one doesnt change that.
Played a few songs from CD-2 but have all the tracks in same quality on other releases.

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