Another Week Passed By

By / LexDec 3, 2006
Another Week Passed By
The mood around the imposter debate is still not settled down. It seems that we don’t get tired of that. Seeing all the reactions on Loes’ open letter I decided to open an on-line petition "Stop Elvis Impersonators" and again... the use is below the level I expected regarding all the reactions on our site. The link is in the right column of this page ;-). “Come What May” as our real man sang about 40 years ago. My remark about ElvisPedia last week seems to have awakened some people, thank you for that! Also thanks for the reactions and if there are suggestions for improvements, I’m always willing to hear/ read them! On the wallet side of being an Elvis fan a lot happened last week. Two FTD releases and a new bootleg made a big hole in it. I haven’t seen the FTD book yet due to some miscommunication, but what I think about “His Hand In Mine” can be read elsewhere on this site. Without a doubt it is one of the better FTD releases so far in my ears. The bootleg I referred to, “The American Way, Volume 1”, can have that label too. Maybe it’s not one of the best ever, but I think the complete series will be as a whole. I love the first volume and am already looking forward to the other four. The news was discussed too and again Graceland was involved. This time a pretty tasteless Christmas ad was the victim of the fan’s poisonous arrows. With 2 releases last week FTD came up with the track listing of the next regular release (January 2007), a soundboard from the February 1977 tour. I’ll behave and make no comments here about it :-). No need to say it caused some controversy between us fans.
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