Ann-Margret Elvis-Girl Of The Millennium

Dec 27, 1999
Not completely unexpected Ann-Margret won our poll, and we do not ignore the votes by our readers. 1- Ann-Margret 47 2- Jocelyn Lane 23 3- Shelley Fabares 12 Other actresses that were named are Juliet Prowse, Judy Tyler, Tuesday Weld, Yvonne Graig, Laurel Goodwin, Ursula Andress and Dolores Hart. The comments were very diverse, some were serious others just, well, male.... "Wrrrrraf!!" and "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" are good examples of the second category. Since the female voters are disadvantaged with such funny comments, we decided to fulfill our promise with a serious comment. After a very long debate we decided that "Is there an explanation needed? She was the cutest, the mostest, and the best match for the King.", "Explanation ??? Do you need one? Just look at those legs", "Whoa baby", "There was a lot chemistry between Ann Margaret and Elvis and it", "She's just a hunk,a hunk of burning girl!!!" were about the best comments we got. Okay, we have to admit they are not all serious, but what the heck... We had a hard time to decide, but the one who wrote "There was a lot chemistry between Ann Margaret and Elvis and it". finally won because it just hits the nail right on the head. We'll contact the winner to arrange a quick delivery of two great promo poster for the Artist of the Century-campaign.
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