An Open Letter To Lisa Marie

By Loes RaaphorstNov 29, 2006
Dear Lisa, Never before I felt the urge to ask you anything, but now I have to. I am an Elvis fan all my life, and no, I don't have sideburns or jumpsuits. I do have a great music collection and yes, in every room of my apartment there are several pictures of your father. But I am no groupie, and I don't see your father as an icon, or a god. I simply love his voice (and of course his looks, since I am not blind). But his music, his voice, was and is the thing that touches my soul, for over 40 years now. My father died 22 years ago, and I still love him dearly. He was a great man, a loving man, and he worshipped the ground I was walking on. I think it was the same with yours. Like many women I think that a girl's father is someone special in her life, living or deceased. There were some things I loved especially about my father. He had a beard of which he was very proud. Even his hairdresser was proud of that beard. It was always well kept and clean. Besides that, he was handsome, good-looking and very charming. But oh, how I hate the thought of other men trying to look like my father did. I had only one father; a father who loved me dearly and I him. No one can replace him and no one can become even close to his charisma. I have seen you with Miss Oprah and I can't help thinking that you are a very nice person with a loving heart; you even look like your father. Of course, you can't change the Elvis scene, but at least you could give your opinion about silly men trying to look like your father did. And, even more important: why are you letting EPE doing what they are doing with this impersonator contest on the grounds of Graceland? I know you can't stop men trying to look like your father, but at least you could keep them out of the home of your father. You had only one father and the world had only one Elvis. That's how it should be. We try to keep the legend of your father alive, by taking care of, but since 2 weeks, since the news of that ridiculous contest of EPE, my husband and I are really thinking about stopping with this site. We still love your father's music, but oh boy, what's next? Do we have to make updates about some silly guy who looks like a fool with glued sideburns on his cheeks, posing for a picture in your father's living room? No thank you, I will pass! So please, take a moment to consider this and let us know what you are thinking of this! With lots of love and honest feelings, Loes (Netherlands, Europe) Update December 1, 2006: We asked EPE to forward this mail and this was the reply: "Thanks. At some point we will post an FAQ feature regarding EPE's evolving position on Elvis tribute artists and regarding our ETA contest."

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sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2013report abuse
Britney Spears looked very sexy in her "Elvis jumpsuit. I don't mind sexy ladies dressing up in tight jumpsuits, not one bit. But fat guys with wigs and bad voices, no thank you. If you want to pay tribute to Elvis, tell the world about him and if you can sing, sing his songs, but don't dress up like him please, or do you look like Jennifer Lopez? Then I don't mind.
tigergirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2010report abuse
Some good points raised here. But in reality these tribute artists bring money to EPE and that's the bottom line. EPE are a business not a family standing by their man. Perhaps you could take a look at some of EPE's merchandise. I was never sure whose picture was on the plates, tshirts, hats, bags etc and had to ask a member of staff who claimed it was Elvis! I pulled out a photo of Elvis and explained that this is what Elvis looks like not this tshirt. Don't get me started on Cabbage Patch dolls at Graceland! There are many many criticism that we can chuck at EPE but at the end of the day if it makes a buck they'll sell it! I was also disgusted to see that a cleaner in the trophy room smashed the posthumous award cabinet with a vacuum cleaner. I reported the incident and nothing was done for three days. I think LMP has more to answer to than just ETA!
Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 5, 2007report abuse
Dear Loes,

So you are the lovely lady behind this site! You do a good job & I admire your devotion to Elvis. I can't say the same for your husband since he has purposely (it appears) been rude to some of the people responding to this site (especially me) & has really kept some of the nastier conflicts going - at least that's what he admitted to me in an email. Anyways, I hope you do not give up the site.

I also hope Lisa sees your great letter but I doubt it will happen. Not if EPE has anything to do about it. Ever since the sell out to CXX they are becoming hard to deal with from the standpoint of the fans. Of course, Lisa & EPE can't do anything about the impersonators (every now & then you will find one who is very good) but you are right that they shouldn't be at Graceland. I have sent emails to just about everyone in licensing & fan relations at EPE regarding the horrid, silly, downright insulting Elvis talking heads, pigs, etc. that they allow to be manufactured & even sold on Graceland property. It is so hard for us to educate the younger people about Elvis & his music & his profound effect on music & culture today with this type of garbage going on at his own home!

I don't have the answer of how to deal with the corporate American greed & lack of class, let alone respect, but I am hoping that your site & others like it will continue to let EPE know how we all feel. You certainly will have more impact than "we average fans". However, if you or someone working on your site, can come up with an idea to get the fans of all the countries united toward this goal, it may work. A massive, organized barrage of emails and/or letters might get their attention!

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!
Molly07 (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2007report abuse
I must agree. Lisa, your father was a wonderful entertainer! I am so fortunate to have been able to see him in concert in the 70's in Jackson, MS!! I wouldn't take anything in the world for that experience!! My mother, a huge Elvis fan also, took all 3 of us children to see him--it was great-- I was just 8, but I even remember what he was wearing--isn't that funny? However, I later lived in the Memphis area for about 6 years, and attended "Elvis Week" with some of my friends...and it was great, except when we encountered this husband/wife Elvis duo..and it was awful! They were both missing teeth, in dirty "jumpsuits", etc. It was insulting to your sweet dad's memory. My friends' and I just stared in horror...
I know that you can't control everything, but I became friends with so many people who knew your dad personally, and they told me how much he loved being at Graceland, and having these "people" there isn't doing him justice. But, I wanted you to also know that I have heard sooo many wonderful things about your dad! Of course, I cannot say on here who I met, but they frequented Graceland often, and they told me about his generosity and compassion for people. One man told me that "he had never met a nicer guy than Elvis". A woman told me that she stopped at the front fence one day while taking her class on a field trip, & your dad, while on his horse, rode over to talk to her class. I found it so interesting to hear all of these things, and wanted you to know that people still talk about him on a personal level & miss him, as we all do, even those of us who never met him. I have ventured off into another subject, I know, but I just wanted you to know these things. I am from Elvis' birth state, Mississippi, and we appreciate all of your efforts in helping to keep Graceland as it always was. :o)
gbalaban (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2006report abuse
I have to agree with the part about NOT having the imposter, oops impersonator on the grounds of Graceland. Do it at Burger King, but not there.
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 5, 2006report abuse
I think I was very clear, but due to some of the reactions, I want to ad something:

I know Lisa Marie can't change the Elvis scene and of course can't forbid Elvis Imperso*** (still can't get this out of my keyboard). If EPE wants to cooperate with such 'people', maybe because of the money, maybe because of politics, there is nothing she, we or anyone can do to stop this, and that's okay. We do live in a free world!

This contest could be held anywhere else in Memphis; simply don't do it on the grounds of Graceland, the place where Elvis really enjoyed being.

I just would love to hear from Lisa Marie, as a daughter, what she really thinks about this.

And for all the people who reacted on this article: thank you for being so supportive!
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 4, 2006report abuse
I dunno, guys... While I agree with your opinion about this whole impersonator-phenomena, I think we/you are making too big a mess about it. It seems that the majority of you is against this mainly because of a fear that the general public will get an even more distorted/disrespectful image of Elvis. None of you, as far as I can tell, would bother much about this if only Elvis-fans saw it, cause we all know and love Elvis and no impersonator will change that. But think about this: Who will come see this impersonator contest during Elvis-week? Wont that mainly be fans that know well enough what and who Elvis were, anyways? Who else would travel to Graceland during Elvis week and show up at these events? Regarding general media's coverage of this event I wouldn't be too worried either. Elvis impersonators are old, old news to the general press, this simply isnt any story worth spending time on. So, even though I fully agree that this isn't anything to be proud of I wouldnt be too worried: The best thing we can do is simply to boicot this event, just don't show up, let them stand there alone and dangle on the stage. We can do that, they drop those plans for later, and no harm is done. Don't you agree?
elvis_babeTCB (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 3, 2006report abuse
Great point!! I totally agree with you. Lisa can not stop people from impersonating Elvis, but the least she could do is keep them off the grounds of Graceland. That was Elvis' home, and there he was truely happy. We have already turned it into a zoo, but she should try to show his memory some respect and leave that part out of it.
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 3, 2006report abuse
Steve V: I can honestly say that I do really see your point & repsect it. The only point (or points) I was trying to get across was (for which I was never asked what I meant before), when someone says that something is "Sacred" to them..that can really mean alot of different things..other than besides in a religious aspect, kinda like a play on words. For instance..because my Father passed away seven years ago..I have some things that belonged to him that are Sacred to me, things that I treasure or value if you will, which words such as treasure & value kinda go hand & hand as sacred in a sense & roughly means the same. We all have things in our possession that are sacred to us..that we value and/or treasure I'm sure. I myself feel that Non Elvis fans only see what they want to see and believe what they wanna see & believe. They've heard and seen all the bad press Elvis recieved from the last 3 or 4 years of his life, and of course I feel that the impersonators hasn't helped much either. Tribute artists are one thing, impersonators are completely different simply beacuse they do wear the jumpsuits and such. But I've never been one to (not tryin' to sound like a wise guy) really care what other people think as far as those who know me and know that I'm an Elvis fan have to say. Yeah in my time I've had people say "you're a Elvis fan" and they say it like it's supposed to be a bad thing or because I was born in 1967 they think that I should'nt even know who the man's rediculous. I like, admire & respect Elvis Presley for not only his music but, for who the man was. Elvis was a very generous, careing, giving person..shared his wealth with not only his family & friends, but with total strangers, people he didn't even know off the streets simply beause, he himself knew what it was like to not have anything..growing up dirt poor..So that's why I say people only want to believe and see what they want too. It's very easy for someone if you're not a fan of something or someone, to sit and ridicule someone else who is a fan of that same something or someone simply because they don't like it themselves..that's where respecting someone elses likes & dislikes comes into effect, and alot of times we as humans have don't do that. I'm sure that even the non Elvis fans get critizied for there likes as well from others that may not like what they like. It's like the old saying goes "If we all liked the same things the world would be boring". Sometimes those people who put down others for their likes, need to have some light shed on the subject before they realize that what they are saying about others, also applies too them and their likes.
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
Maybe they should go for the whole nine yards. How about having a "Coloniel Tom impersonator/tribute contest". Have 10 dozen Coloniel wannabes running loose. Cigar sales would skyrocket. How about a complete Memphis Mafia impersonator contest? Why not have everybody impersonate everyone connected?
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
See see rider - your explanation makes things clearer on what you meant. But I sort of agree with Mark S. If others (especially non-Elvis fans ) looked at your comments, they would take it literally. This is what gives Elvis fans a bad rap and why some people cant take him seriously. I know many people who dont consider Elvis a great talent. Are they wrong? I believe so, but that is still their opinion. They just consider him a 50's artist who made bad movies in the 60's, 1 good TV sepcial and gave tacky jumpsuit Vegas type shows in the 70's. I always stick up for him in an argument but never use words like sacred and without a doubt the greatest. It turns people off from having an intelligent discussion on Elvis.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
The whole thing is a Plot by a Fat Bald Headed Man with a Cigar, he must have figured a way to get money sent to him in the after the Life with the usual 50 % share of the take. now the next question is, is he
a. an illegal alien from outer space
b. an illegal alien from europe
c. a man with a heavy gambling debt in vegas
d. a musical genius
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
Mark S. - "Expression"; - Noun
1. Pressing out;
2. Phrase saying;
3. What the features convey of thought, feeling etc.
1. Put into words;
2.Make known or understood by words;
(Laughing) It's amazing how people always read WAY too much into what someone else says or how they say it and twist it all around, then go get a Websters Dictionary out to show what the true meaning of a word (or words ) really mean. Well as you can see..I can do that to since you obviously misunderstood.
"Misunderstand"; To take a wrong meaning of etc.
"Misunderstood"; Mistake as to meaning etc.
When I said that Graceland was "One Of The Most Sacred Places On This Earth" in no way shape or form did I mean it literally. What I did mean however was, to some or most Elvis fans (with obviously the exception of you ), Graceland is considered a sacred place of sorts, since being a Elvis fan in it's self is kinda like a whole other (different type, form of) religion in itself. I myself don't look at Elvis as being some kind of God or for that matter, a Son Of God or Graceland being some kind of Church (although it is a Shrine). Elvis himself didn't even like being called "The King Of Rock 'N Roll" why? because he was a believer IN God just like I..believe in God. No I may not go to Church, but that still don't mean that someone doesn't believe. So if my RE-explanation of what I really meant still makes your skin crawl..that's not my problem, go see your family Doctor. Oh and in MY opinion..Elvis IS the greatest entertainer. And while I do listen to other types of music from (Country, Hard Rock & even Heavy Metal) all still traces back to one Elvis Presley.
chrisc (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
Lisa doesn't have control over what Sillerman chooses to do with her father's image. He owns 85% of the business. And of course the gross imitators do immense damage to Elvis's image in the minds of the general public, who seem to think he looked like they do and performed like they do.
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
What's the point of the father story here?
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
see see rider - "sacred"; –adjective
1. devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose; consecrated.
2. entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy.
3. pertaining to or connected with religion (opposed to secular or profane): sacred music; sacred books.
I'm sorry, THAT makes my skin crawl even more than an EPE-approved ETA-contest! I guess to some Elvis has turned into a religion and his home into a place of worship, but not to me. And whether Elvis is "the most talented entertainer the world has ever seen & still is" is a matter of opinion NOT a matter of fact. It does not make is home a sacred place. Not to me anyway. Oh and by the way: the EPE press release never stated the contest would be held on the grounds of “one of the most sacred places on this earth”…
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
EP watcher: thank you!!
EPwatcher (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2006report abuse
I began doing an Elvis show back in 1976....I continued to do the show for a number of years and then I stopped. I stopped because my heart told me how wrong it is to wear the same outfits, glasses, hairstyle and sing all of his songs. I knew I was stealing! I mean, I felt like Elvis worked so many years to be who he was and I had no right to take on his entire image just to make money. I still sing Elvis' music, I sing music by other artists as well and the guilt of taking so much from "THE MAN" is gone. I personally believe that the so-called "Tribute Artists" adopted that title because they know it isn't cool to be associated with the "impersonators." They are all still impersonators and none, none should be permitted on the grounds of Graceland wearing a jumpsuit and trying to attract the attention of "Elvis' Fans"! I have written to Graceland for years and it has done no good. It's not a's robbery. Most of these guys couldn't become an individual artist that people would pay to see so, they steal the image of the best and fake their way through. Don't tell me...I was one of them and proud to say that now, when I step onto the stage and I sing an Elvis IS indeed...a tribute!
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
I don't believe I stuttered...Graceland is a sacred place because of the simple fact it was home to the most talented entertainer the world has ever seen & still is, wether it's a business type venture now is beside the point..a business who you Mr. Mark S. as well as each and everyone of us cater to everytime you by anything that has Elvis's name and likeness on it, but of course there don't seem to be any gripe with that now is there??
constantina (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Loes I agree 100%. I will sign the petition right now.
Sylvain (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Try to see it this way. Somebody's making money with the impersonators, why can't that be EPE.
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
I signed the petition right away. They are so sad!!
PaulFromFrance (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Now that I think about it... "ETA" looks like an illness acronym.
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Graceland "one of the most sacred places on this earth"? You are kidding me, right? Graceland nowadays is a business , first and foremost. Besides that, it used to be the house of a talented singer. That’s it. Nothing sacred about it.
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Obviously these people on here that don't see anything wrong with an impersonator on the grounds of one of the most sacred places on this earth, are more blinded than was thought. Lashing out at impersonators is the reason why people think that Elvis fans are freaks..I don't think so. It is however, this type of irony that gives Elvis and Elvis fans a bad name in the first place. Evidently, it's the true Elvis fans that want to put a stop too all the negative press that Elvis recieved in the last 3 or 4 years of his life, being called a Fat Pig and the Burger King Cheeseburger eating junkie etc. Yes Elvis was the one that got himself into this, but since he's gone now, it's up to the Elvis fan to get him out (if at all possible) and this isn't the way. Some people on here say "well this is good publicity..good exposer", hogwash, all this gonna do is generate more bad press. I said it before and I'll say it again, if there's got to be Elvis impersonators on this earth, and some may very well be good at it & some may do it for a living, that's fine, but do it some place else besides on the grounds of Graceland.
Der Henker (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
What if Lisa Marie actually enjoys Elvis impersonators?
Matt W (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Jth - there's no damn difference. Well done Loes, these people ought to be ashamed of themselves. Oh, and to all you 'ETAs' out there who think you are doing a service to Elvis' legacy, do yourselves a favour and make sure you're in shape, I mean in shape good and proper! Elvis was overweight for the last 3-4 years of his life, the man was ill. You shouldn't exploit that image and think its okay to wear a jumpsuit with your beer bellies! If you are going to take to the 'stage' then Elvis of 1970 should be your marker. But in reality I'd rather you didn't do it at all.
Jth (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
I think many people here haven't read the news statement at all - it's an Elvis tribute artist contest, not an Elvis impersonator contest - that's why I'm not signing the petition (which 15 have signed, now that I'm writing this); I don't want to make a fool of myself!! Besides, Elvis is far from the only artist to be mimicked - Charlie Chaplin once took part of a Charlie Chaplin impersonator contest, and came in 2nd; so EPE is far from doing what he did to join in the circus, despite what many people here seem to think
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
This is why so many Non Elvis fans think we are all freaks. This is the poorest article I have ever read on this site. Get a life guys, EPE is a multi million pound business and is here to stay long after we have all gone. Great idea, will make a lot of money, generate a lot of exposure. If you dont like it dont watch it, dont read it etc, but please dont write on this website sounding like EPE have just murdered 100 people. You must have brilliant lives if this is all you have to worry about in life ?.
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Being a guitarist and backing vocalist in an Elvis-tribute-band called “Elvix & the Hounddogs”, I’d like to make a distinction here. There IS a subtle difference between Elvis impersonators and Elvis tribute artists, as impersonators have the suits and the moves (or at least: they think they do!) while tribute artists generally don’t.

My band started out in bars, playing to a young, out-going, beer-drinking crowd. At first we generally played “the hits” to win over an audience. Believe it or not, but such an audience, unfamiliar with Elvis’ music, DON’T get excited about great tracks like “Guitar Man” or “Steamroller Blues”. You have to work hard and play furiously to win over such a crowd.

Our lead singer does have a (ridiculous) jumpsuit, which he gets rid of within a couple of songs. The problem with the jumpsuits is that non-Elvisfans simply expect something of the like after a big build-up like “Also Sprach Zarathustra”…….

Our concept: a lead singer with a somewhat Elvissy voice, two attractive female backing vocalist, a tight and dynamic hornsection, two ace guitarplayers, a tight hard-rocking band and a shit-load of fantastic songs that we play fairly well (i.m.h.o.). It’s Elvis meets Bruce Springsteen meets Spinal Tap. It made (young) people want to see us not because we’re an Elvis-act, but because of the spirit we have on stage (no Elvis-moves though!). We’ve been fairly successful in the Netherlands, eventually playing big festivals everywhere.

The only point I am trying to make here, is that beside some of the freaks, there are also some good, seriously hard-working musicians out there, keeping at least the spirit of Elvis’ music alive. And I think EPE should support THOSE acts (but please keep the damn jumpsuits, sideburns and shades to a minimum!!!!). I am proud of the fact that my band has turned heads (and ears) towards Elvis’ musical legacy and generated new Elvisfans. Or at least showed them there’s more to Elvis than tacky movies and cheeseburgers.

Oh: and NO, I don’t have a jumpsuit, stick-on-sideburns or a pair of Elvis-sunglasses. I AM a great admirer of the man as a musician though.
Juliepresleyfan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
i agree with you loes but doubt lisa will reply, its always seemed to me that she somehow resents gracelands, i dont know but its how she comes across especially in the lights out single. i guess quite a few women are in her shoes with famous fathers and had to cope with it no choice i guess . ive never liked impersonators but i guess some are ok , i like doug church as he dont come across as trying to be elvis just to do a tribute to him, i think those stupid wigs are rediculous and over done lol. wheres the petition to sign
PaulFromFrance (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Thanks Loes. I can see me in your article (my mother passed away almost 3 months ago). I've signed the petition, OF COURSE !
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
I signed it allready. I hate those *************** !
Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
We cant stop it so we will have to live with it, i dont like it but im only one fan so i will have to just look the other way,(it is hard to do sometimes)
oldie56~2 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Another thought, to Loes Raaphorst and to everyone out there, there are "Politics" in everything. Even with the good. So to the powers within, keep the "Good" moving forward!
oldie56~2 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Lisa will do what she wants on what is now "Her' Property. Sillerman own's everything else. Whatever will popularize EPE and further Elvis' legand with the newer generation will be done. Us 'original' 50's fans are fast dwendling and the move to keep the circle going around has to be done.
oldie56~2 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Somehow I managed to get my post entered before I was done... I also would like to see the CBS Special re-aired and made available. We all know by now that Elvis was in his decline! It isn't 'News". Elvis fans everywhere deserve to see Elvis Performances as he really was and we LOVED him in every climate he had.
vulcandude (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
I don't think Lisa Marie needs to validate the reasons or her opinions on the impersonator contest. Sure there are good impersonators as well as bad ones, but I think she deserves her privacy. Leave it alone Loes.
Mielvis (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2006report abuse
Get over it.
Rob Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
Hello Loes and your fine companions whom tirelessly invest your generous time and endless effort to supporting this diamond gem of a Elvis portal. For what my words are worth. Please, please, please do not throw the final scarf into the audience (to borrow an idea from the #1 Elvis). In other words, do not give in to your feelings about impersonators or the cheap alternatives to Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola for that matter. What am I talking about? Walt Disney, Elvis Presley and Coca Cola have all survived a long side their distant imitations. Elvis was once quoted as saying something to the effect that "impersonators are the sincerest form of flattery" [sic]. May I state (again) for the record; there exist many Elvis webpages that attempt to "impersonate" or "copy" but, ElvisNews is still #1. I know my opinion is extremely biased stating here, but, Elvis will remain #1. Rock on!
MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I am in 100% agreement we dont need imposters on gracelands lawn leave them to play in the bars in spain. thats bad enough but it keeps his name alive but not in the mans house give me a break epe has done some daft things but this takes the biscuit.
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I too agree with Loes, but it shows how much I visit the official web site because I knew nothing of this contest on the grounds of Graceland. I mean, I dislike impersonators as much as the next person, and if their gonna exit, let them exist somewhere else other than Graceland. To have an impersonator on the grounds of Graceland is immoral, and to me, shows lack of respect. I also no what it's like to loose a Father, come Dec 7th, mine will have been gone 7 years, but I don't bring someone else in that looks like him and try to pawn him off as my Father..especialy in his own home, that would be inhuman, wether their tryin' to make a buck or not, it's not right. But I do like this site, I might get a little irritated with people at times but in the end, it's a great site and I'd really hate to see it go down the drain over something like Loes, you and your husband please think about it long and hard before doing something so drastic as shutting down this site.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
you all forget is is all about MONEY, and Money Honey is what makes EPE go around the Colonel started it let the rest of the Jokers finish it, as for Lisa what does she know about anything if Elvis had lived to see her life style it would have given all his fame back and let her grow up in a shack in Tupelo
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I created an online petition, you can find it in the right column "Stop Elvis Impersonators".
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I'd rather see them put their focus and money into restoring all of the known film footage. And colorizing the 1950's TV show appearances. The recent release of the Ed Sullivan shows fully restored on DVD was an excellant release and a great example of doing things right. The footage looked great. That's where the focus should be. Colorizing this footage will be a great follow up.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
Dear LM - Want to do soemthing nice for the 30th? Use all your powers & resources and get the missing movies out on DVD including Elvis On Tour, and oh yes Elvis In Concert, CBS TV Special. Now that would be something all us fans can rejoice in.
stanton (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I am member of the board of the Elvis Club in Bad Nauheim - Friedberg in Germany, where Elvis served in the Army 1958 thru 1960. I am right now in the case of fighting with ALL MY POWER AND ENERGY to prevent such a contest here on the grounds where Elvis roamed and lived for one and a half years. They even planned this to take place on the 16th of august next year! In order to make good cash income for their town. With everything I got inside I struggle against it, up to this moment it seems to be a successful struggle......of what I know right now, it will NOT take place. So, if they change their mind behind my back, they`ll be VERY sorry for it. They know it. Because I have told them, my consequences and so forth.....and they know that there are lots of others that share my opinion. One of them even mentions to appear with protest banners all over the town saying > Immy go home< . I think it`s a matter of authority. And of course also a matter of respect and TLC......
tigergirl (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
Right On Loes, I too feel exactly the same way (especially about My Dad!). I tend to think that LMP has the opinion that Graceland doesn't really affect her the same way it affects the fans. Many, many times have we written to EPE and expressed our feelings about one thing or another and we get the usual answer that "EPE are working on it!" I don't really think a petition is going to have any impact on Graceland's official board members, well it hasn't in the past. I'm afraid it comes down to the mighty Dollar every time. If EPE and Graceland can sell soil from Elvis' back yard and the fans pay for it, they have a niche in the market. They even sell Elvis's leaves from the trees oif Graceland. Therefore, if Graceland/EPE can make some profit out of impersonators they will! Nuff said!
paralyzed (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
Loes- I'm not going to give my opinion on this issue. Everybody's got one, but that's not my reason in responding to your letter. This is: Don't do something rash and stop taking care of I read it everyday and love it all. The good, the bad - The Elvis. Please don't walk away from the fans who appreciate your work. Best.
Lovetheboy (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I agree 100% with Loes... this is a slap in the face to say it in a nice way.. and to top it all at Graceland during the 30th... wow cruel... and I too would love Lisa's answer on that.. after all there was only one KING and will have be.. If there is a petition I will be there to sign in a flash.. I will not attend that contest in any circumstances ever.. Elvis week 2007 is the 30th and for OUR BOY ONLY... I am wondering too or should say I knew that with Sillerman it would go this way.. Graceland will never be the same as I was... it is so sad.. Hope there is a petition on this and soon and please everybody sign it this is not the place at the 30th to do that, this is really a very big slap to Elvis and his fans. Anybody knows how to start a petition on this??? I am new on this computer thing but been a fan of Elvis since the day I was born...
Robban (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
I have seen alot of good ETA artists, and bad too. I like the good ones and I skip the rest. Live and let live. I just can´t see the problem. There´s no need to worry about this, Elvis will always be King, no one can fill his shoes ever. Give this a chance before you judge it...
Colonel (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2006report abuse
Well, if there should be some kind of petition or something against those official impersonators, I will be the first to sign.

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